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Fapon Biotech Announces Chemiluminescence One-Stop Solution Strategy in India at Medical Fair India 2023

Fapon Biotech Announces Chemiluminescence One-Stop Solution Strategy in India at Medical Fair India 2023

NEW DELHI, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon Biotech, or the Company), a global leading IVD enterprise, has announced its innovative chemiluminescence one-stop solution strategy at the 28th edition of Medical Fair India.

Fapon chemiluminescence one-stop solution is designed to provide a complete range of chemiluminescence products and services, consisting of different levels of fully automatic chemiluminescence analyzers with open system platforms, reagent development support, as well as high quality core raw material in bulk production. Fapon Biotech aims to help local IVD partners quickly extend their product portfolio and streamline their production processes, as well as accelerate their business in the chemiluminescence immunoassay industry.

During the fair, Fapon Biotech has showcased a series of high performance automatic chemiluminescence analyzers: Shine i1000, the smallest fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, and Shine i2000, the compact yet robust and large capacity analyzer. Fapon Biotech has developed a rich portfolio of over hundred chemiluminescence immunoassay reagents, including biomarkers for tumor, thyroid, infectious disease, cardiac, inflammation, etc.

Over the past fifteen years, Fapon Biotech has fostered partnerships with many top notch Indian IVD companies. It has contributed to more than half of the IVD raw materials in the Indian market. Leveraging the advantages of IVD raw materials, the Company aims to be the preferred partner of chemiluminescence immunoassay product developments for Indian IVD manufacturers.

About Fapon Biotech

As a global leading IVD enterprise, Fapon Biotech Inc. (referred to as "Fapon Biotech") focuses on the future needs and trends of biotechnology development and is committed to providing global diagnostic companies with high-performance IVD reagent raw materials, reagent services and innovative open instrument platforms.

Fapon Biotech expects to promote the development of the diagnosis industry with partners based on Fapon IVD Ecosystem, to achieve the mission of "empowering timely, accurate, and affordable diagnosis for all".

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