Fashion e-commerce POPSHOWROOM debuts at MAGIC Las Vegas

LAS VAGAS, Aug. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- POPSHOWROOM, a fashion brand aiming for a flexible fashion-on-demand supply chain, makes its debut at MAGIC fashion trade, the largest trade show in the United States, from August 8th to 11th, 2021. 

Visitors showing great interest in POPSHOWROOM's low MOQ and short lead time.
Visitors showing great interest in POPSHOWROOM's low MOQ and short lead time.

Vibrance of life and youthfulness is the message POPSHOWROOM wants to convey. Inspire women to live an à la mode casual and energetic lifestyle, POPSHOWROOM will present a curated collection of active and casual wear. They are designed for those who are meant to bringing forward creativity, self-expression, and passion for life. The offering combines diverse trendy elements to create a relaxed and carefree look, including tie-dye, crochet, irregular cuts, stretchable light-weight fabrics, and many more.

The significance of sticking together has been key for the period where we are in now, after having been through the physical distancing on a global scale. POPSHOWROOM has been staying connected with its community and growing via social platforms. The brand has been interacting with its global audience via Live Q&A, shopping and ordering live streaming, and many other online events. In facing the fact that many merchants are not able to personally be part of the MAGIC community as the result of travel restrictions, POPSHOWROOM will continue its community engagement by going live during the exhibition and broadcasting through its Instagram account @thepopshowroom. Promotions and giveaways will be hosted as well to create a vibrant experience for its customers regardless of their geological locations.

What POPSHOWROOM presents at MAGIC is only part of its aspiration. This brand is developing an all-over print print-on-demand service. All-over printing is a new and exciting trend that recently hits the printing world, which a few print-on-demand platforms have dived into. What is special about POPSHOWROOM is that its all-over printing tool allows anyone, without knowing how to cut and sew patterned materials into ready-to-wears, can still be an all-over print designer.

Holding respect for those individuals who are dreaming of having their fashion lines, POPSHOWROOM aims to build an efficient and agile supply chain. This will benefit these small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs financially and psychologically through lowered inventory risk, minimized design cost and accelerated capital turnover -- everything that matters to scale up their businesses.

"I am an independent artist running a small souvenir shop which also sells stuff with designs of my own. For clothing items, I used to buy from domestic wholesalers, yet they only provide the most basic styles. There are few choices when it comes to, for instance, neck shapes. As my business is growing bigger, I need more styles and variations. I found POPSHOWROOM online. Their products are amazing. A large base of various patterns and various customization services are offered at an affordable price. Their pricing is absolutely reasonable for such quality and service."

This is the review of one of their customers, Yolanda, who owns a shop selling local souvenirs and t-shirts with the prints designed by herself.

POPSHOWROOM is excited to be part of this energetic fashion event. The brand is looking forward to acquiring a keen understanding about its global audience, establishing a closer collaboration with influencers, and gaining deeper insights from industry thought leaders.

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