FASHION ZOO 2021 "EVERYDAY NOW, EVERYDAY FUTURE" International Youth Fashion Culture and Art Festival

SHANGHAI, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- With the theme of "EVERYDAY NOW, EVERYDAY FUTURE", FASHION ZOO 2021 is now upgraded to an international youth fashion culture and art festival, opening unprecedented innovative and bold experiments, interweaving fashion, culture, and art into a new language, completing the definition and appeal of characteristics, and exploring the future of the whimsical world of fashion. Joining hands with global pioneer designers, artists, international brands, media, curators, and charity organizations to break the routine and launch the call of "EVERYDAY NOW, EVEYDAY FUTURE", we look forward to presenting the unique experience of 21 future stations within three days and nights, to shape a fashionable community of youth culture together. With the four matrices, we will talk about the future together. From the "Boundless Fashion" Avant-Garde show to the climax of the "New Sustainable Wave", from the diversity of "Limitless Art" to the infinite possibilities of "Innovation Roam", we communicate through east and west, break through the boundaries of fashion and culture and reach out to the pioneer inspirations around the globe. We are about to start the 21 future stations.

The cross-border international show encompasses avant-garde inspiration and creativity, exploratory experiments brought by young design forces, pinnacle forums focusing on the industry and the future, sustainable-driven fashion reshaping, trendy special exhibitions that speak for the culture, and the powerful art space that brings global creations together, an IP event that closely follows the trend of Gen-Z culture, and interactive experiences with rich themes...From visual feasts to sensory collisions, from flying imagination to leading new trends, FASHION ZOO 2021 is built to set up a platform for global creative exchanges, covering all aspects of trendy culture, and supporting the rise of creative power of young people at home and abroad from all channels of fashion, art, and culture. 20+ global pioneering design forces, 10+ internationally renowned brands, 20+ top art universities at home and abroad, 150+ young art creators, 6+ linkages with authoritative institutions and organizations, FASHION ZOO 2021 International Youth Fashion Culture and Art Festival is spreading and exploring fashionable youth culture with influences across the globe, breaking the barriers of east and west, interacting in creative effects, and bringing a carnival that truly belongs to "future players".