The fast-growing Dengyun Group reveals its blueprint with platform, intelligence and big data strategy

BEIJING, Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2018 National Conference held by the Jiangxi Dengyun Health and Beauty Industry Internet Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Dengyun Group) took place in RH CENTRAL in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone on September 12, 2018, with the theme of innovation, breakthrough and empowerment. Elites of Dengyun Group from all over the country gathered here to promote the development of Dengyun Group and to make a better future for the health and beauty industry.

2018 National Conference of Jiangxi Dengyun Health and Beauty Industry Internet Co.,Ltd was held in RH CENTRAL in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone on September 12, 2018, with the theme of innovation, breakthrough and empowerment.2018 National Conference of Jiangxi Dengyun Health and Beauty Industry Internet Co.,Ltd was held in RH CENTRAL in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone on September 12, 2018, with the theme of innovation, breakthrough and empowerment.

No destruction, no construction

"If you ignore new technologies, then you will certainly be subverted. Valuable companies will actively embrace and quickly iterate new technologies as they hold the view that new technologies mean value."

"New retail model of beauty salons pays more attention to socializing and sharing, and attaches importance to the infinite amplification of people's emotions. Dengyun Group is creating a new retail internet model that is totally different from traditional ones."

"The population structure of China has been changing in the past few years, the labor force has entered an inflection point, and the use of the Internet, new technology, artificial intelligence technology to replicate talents and reduce dependence on labor will be a key breakthrough for the development of the beauty industry."

This is a series of new concepts raised at 2018 Annual Conference by Lin Min, CEO of Dengyun Group. For the media and observers in the industry, it seemed like a conference from an Internet company with such revolutionary concepts. The invited industry insiders explained, "For the friends and industry professionals who did not attend, if you have the opportunity to hear this speech, maybe you will be glad to receive this valuable information. It will be the trend that new technologies promote innovation, new platforms achieve breakthrough, and the Internet and big data create a new ecology."

The senior beauty industry media believes that the 2018 annual conference on September 12th together with various new product launches created another flash in the history of China's beauty industry after the stunning appearance of the first store of Kenuodanting, a brand of Dengyun Group, in 2000.  Dengyun Group opens a new chapter of the year, together with dozens of new products from its 11 brands appearing one by one. More importantly, the new high-end facial skin care brand Mize was released at this conference.The keynote speech by CEO Lin Min was another highlight of this conference, and the nearly 1,000 people who attended the conference, including the insiders and the onlookers, broke out into intense applause.

The cheers were for the beauty industry observations and trends disclosed by CEO Lin Min in his speech. Innovation, breakthrough and empowerment were all defined for the first time in the world, as well as other entrepreneurial styles. From now on, China's impetuous and messy beauty industry has been connected with a mind, exquisiteness and a grand vision that it never has before.

With new technology, Dengyun Group shows the special advantages of the beauty giant"The service industry's GDP contribution rate of China in 2015 reached 51.2%. In 2016, the per capita GDP exceeded 8,000 US dollars. In 2017, China's beauty industry market size reached 1.12 trillion Yuan, with the annual growth rate of 15.1%". Co-CEO An Xiaojing came out with a series of figures. He told the media: "This is the reality of China, and this is the business opportunity of Dengyun Group."

Talking about the new trend led by new technology, An Xiaojing stated that Dengyun Group will lead the future development of the industry - platform, intelligence and datamation. Technology is the mainstream driving force for all industries. Immediately after the Internet, the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, Internet of things, and blockchain are also closely integrated with the beauty industry. In the application of new technologies, Dengyun Group mainly made the following steps:

  1. Datamation, refers to business datamation, make accurate marketing and better products and services with big data platform;
  2. Intelligence, professionalization and automation which empower every store;
  3. Science and technology, the use of scientific instruments instead of manual services; intelligent instruments for data collection and data mining; new retail equipment allowing customers to enjoy personalized services;
  4. Technicalization, update products and services through new technology and improve core competitiveness;
  5. Platformization, create a one-stop beauty industry through platforms;

After taking the lead in embracing the trend, the value of Dengyun Group has been further highlighted. The platform leads the direction, intelligence helps fusion, and unified data application services can support the platform and intelligence. In the Internet of Everything era, product intelligence is an inevitable general trend. The platform, intelligence, and data are closely integrated, and the three elements hold up the ecology of health and beauty industry .Dengyun Group focuses on openness and sharing. For example, FEIZIXIAO, one application which carries a part of educational function of Dengyun Group, is totally open for registration, which means  professional beauty practitioners or anyone else can directly obtain first-hand management or operation knowledge and experience from the past 18 years of Dengyun Group, and thus maximize the value of more products.

"As the beauty ecology, Dengyun Group will introduce more formats, products, and partners in the future," said Dengyun Group executive team.

The powerful SaaS -- FEIZIXIAO helps beauty salons to solve the problems of training and procurement. At the same time, all the soft decoration, products and equipment, as well as the items required for the store operation can be ordered through the online supply chain system, with online orders directly from suppliers, to provide a full range of services for the entire industry.

Accelerate the layout of the trillion-scale beauty market

The combination of powerful products and services is a double insurance for Dengyun Group in beauty market.

In terms of product research, Dengyun Group has been integrating various high-quality enterprises and manufacturers in the beauty market, and jointly established the Chuangmei Anti-Aging Products Research Institute in Guangzhou to form a pattern of integration of production and research. Since its inception, Chuangmei Anti-Aging Products Research Institute has been committed to introducing international advanced technology, integrating and attracting international high-quality R & D talents, such as Cai Guangxin, father of China's skin care products manufacturing industry, and Professor Yin Qinwei, the expert of international authority on stem cell.

Dengyun Group spent a lot of energy to enhance its core technology and research ability, and it pays attention to the protection of intellectual property. It aims to create better products for customers. Now, with the support of high technology, Dengyun Group will constantly update its products and services to meet the needs of more customers with the help of Big Data.

In terms of improving the quality of service, standardizing services and allowing customers to enjoy standardized services at any time in any store is the key strategy of Dengyun Group; the service-evaluation system that Dengyun has formed is guiding service upgrades and forming a strong internal drive for beautician services and professional upgrades by the use of customer marketization. It is big data again here, which reverses a double upgrade of products and services.

The board of directors of Dengyun Group announced their plan at the conference: Dengyun Group will finance and invest in high-end companies to improve its competitiveness, and finally share this trillion-scale market and the glory of entrepreneurship with more like-minded people.

 "The gold mine is just under your feet, and the gold miners need to be well prepared," said Dengyun Group executive team.


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