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FBS Donates Over $62,000 to Charitable Organizations in Seven Countries Around the World

FBS Donates Over $62,000 to Charitable Organizations in Seven Countries Around the World

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- FBS, an international broker with a presence in over 150 countries, demonstrates its commitment to building self-sufficient and resilient communities by donating over $62,000 to 7 charitable organizations in developing countries. The funds were raised during the holy month of Ramadan and will support approximately 5,000 people from underprivileged communities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, and Yemen.

"Aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), FBS aims to contribute to creating a more prosperous and equal society. Since 2014, FBS has been actively engaged in charitable activities during Ramadan, raising and donating around $1.3 million to more than 30 organizations in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, positively impacting thousands of lives. By leveraging the support of our clients, FBS encourages meaningful changes in the world," says Ksenia Molodkina, Strategic Marketing Director FBS.

More than 29,000 traders from 17 countries worldwide participated in the FBS Trade & Aid Ramadan charity promo 2023. The funds were utilized by these organizations to improve the lives of local citizens, including families, students, and seniors.

For instance, the Malaysian branch of MyCare Foundation used FBS's contribution to establish a freshwater fish farm site, empowering the community to generate sustainable income. This project aims to support urban-poor groups in the Bandar Tasik Selatan area of Kuala Lumpur.

"With FBS' invaluable support, we have established a pioneering fish farming project that promises immense benefits for the community. The project's vision is simple yet transformative: as our fish population flourishes, the community will reap the rewards of increased sales. The profits generated from the fish sales will be channeled into communal savings, a visionary financial resource that serves as a catalyst for economic growth within our community, enabling individuals to access funds for various business ventures or personal needs," said Haji Kamarul Halim Sakrani, the representative of MyCare Foundation Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the FBS charity program with Ramadan Memo, an Islamic organization in Nigeria, targets over 3,000 beneficiaries from vulnerable groups, such as widows, orphans, elementary pupils, and students from higher institutions who are financially handicapped. "FBS partners with Ramadan Memo to share food items to the less privileged, donate relief materials to orphanage homes, distributed clothe boxes to widows and children in slum communities and educational materials to primary school pupils for aiding grassroots education, as well as aid Higher institution entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses," said Giwa Habeeb A. from Ramadan Memo.

FBS remains committed to supporting charitable initiatives that contribute to social welfare and economic empowerment in developing countries. These efforts are in line with the national development plans of the participating countries, such as the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 in Malaysia, Indonesia's 2045 Vision, and Nigeria's National Development Plan 2021-2025. They are striving for a prosperous and equal society, and each stakeholder, including private companies such as FBS, can play their part to achieve those national agenda.

To learn more about how FBS charitable initiative went, please watch the video report.

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