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Fibocom Introduces the FG132-NA RedCap Module Series towards Mid-tier 5G IoT Connectivity at Computex 2023

Fibocom Introduces the FG132-NA RedCap Module Series towards Mid-tier 5G IoT Connectivity at Computex 2023

Fibocom introduces the 5G RedCap module series FG132-NA to its cellular product portfolio during Computex 2023. It is designed to offer downscaled connectivity service to mid-tier applications under the 5G landscape by bringing a realm of key advancements such as smaller compact size, optimized power efficiency and lower cost efficiency.

TAIPEI, May 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Fibocom, a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, announces the global launch of the new RedCap module series FG132-NA during Computex 2023. Compliant with 3GPP Release 17 standard, FG132-NA series adopt the key features from 5G in both network reliability and spectrum utilization, while significantly improving the performance in energy efficiency and expanding the diversity of IoT scenarios.

5G has achieved remarkable milestones in the past few years by accelerating the digital transformation of manufacturing, private networks, online education and more use cases with its ultra-fast speed, low latency and high reliability. As technology evolves, 5G RedCap is introduced to connect the "dots" in IoT under the 5G landscape, which of them are the scenarios that require ultra-low latency and high reliability, but less bandwidth and long battery life. Therefore, RedCap is the technology tailor-made for smart grids, live streaming, industrial automation and smart wearables with its great performance in speed transmission and power efficiency, unleashing the full potential of 5G in IoT.

Fibocom FG132-NA series modules are compliant with 3GPP Release 17 standard, supporting 5G SA and are backward compatible with LTE Cat 4 networks. In terms of hardware architecture, the module series is adopting 1T2R antenna design along with LCC+LGA and M.2 form factors to satisfy the customers' expectations in a diverse of use scenarios. The size of LCC+LGA form factor can be measured at 29*32mm, which is pin-compatible with Fibocom LTE Cat 4 modules for customers to upgrade to 5G smoothly. While the plug-and-play M.2 form factor offers a comprehensive solution for tablets and industrial gateways with a compact size at 30*42mm. By leveraging the 5G key advancements, FG132-NA supports up to 220Mbps downlink speed and 100Mbps uplink speed, as well as 5G slicing, 5G LAN, assuring the speed performance and network reliability in the daily operation of manufacturing factory, IPC, smart grids, etc.

In addition to a set of innovations, Fibocom FG132-NA also supports Open CPU with OpenWRT software, which allows customers to develop FWA applications such as CPE, Mobile hotspot, and DTU flexibly.

"5G RedCap is crucial to the mid-tier 5G deployments as it adapts multiple capabilities from tradition 5G while making lower power consumption and cost-ratio achievable," said Jason Zhu, General Manager of MTC Product BU, Fibocom. "We are thrilled to launch the FG132-NA series RedCap module at Computex, providing the ideal wireless solution for customers to expand the 5G ecosystem and driving the IoT applications toward ultra-reliable 5G connectivity at affordable price. With the rising migration from 4G to 5G, we are looking forward to unleashing the full potential of 5G in the global IoT markets with Fibocom RedCap modules."

The massive production of FG132-NA will be available from 2024, welcome to visit Fibocom and get to know more about RedCap module series FG132-NA at stand #I1010 in Hall 1, Floor 1 at Computex 2023.

About Fibocom

Fibocom is a leading global provider of wireless communication modules and solutions as well as the first wireless communication module provider listed on China A-shares stock market (stock code: 300638). Fibocom offers a one-stop solution for industry customers by integrating wireless communication modules, IoT solutions and cloud service. With over two decades of engagement in M2M and IoT communication technology and extensive expertise, we are capable of bringing reliable, convenient, secure and intelligent connectivity service to every industry, enriching smart life with a perfect wireless experience. Fibocom's product portfolio ranges from cellular modules (5G/4G/3G/2G/LPWA), automotive-grade modules, AI modules, android-smart modules, GNSS modules and antenna service. Together, we aim to empower digital transformation across industries such as ACPC (Always Connected PC), mobile broadband, smart retail, C-V2X, robotics, smart energy, IIoT, smart cities, smart agriculture, smart home, telemedicine, etc.

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