FIDO Alliance Board Member eWBM Co., Ltd. Receives World's First FIDO2 Level 2 Authenticator Security Certification for Goldengate Fingerprint Authentication Device

SEOUL, South Korea, April 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- eWBM Co., Ltd announced today that its Goldengate series fingerprint authentication device is the world's first to achieve FIDO2 Level 2 (L2) Authenticator Security Certification.

FIDO2 is an international authentication technology standard that allows users to leverage common devices to easily authenticate to online services -- in both mobile and desktop environments. WebAuthn, a component of FIDO2, was recently adopted as an official web standard by W3C.

To achieve this certification, eWBM's Goldengate authentication device has passed all FIDO L2 security certification requirements, which mandate that authenticators implement a restricted operating environment such as a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or Secure Element (SE) to protect biometric data and authentication credentials against operating system compromises that arise from app downloads, malicious website content or similar threats. FIDO Certified L2 Authenticators also must pass a comprehensive design review by a FIDO-accredited third-party security certification laboratory. As with L1 Certification, the authenticator must pass interoperability testing.

eWBM's "Goldengate" series is a USB fingerprint authentication device based on MS500, a strong crypto engine embedded security semiconductor developed by eWBM.

Currently, eWBM's "Goldengate" fingerprint authentication device can be used on Windows OS and Mac OS.   It is implemented into the systems at the Korean National Statistical Office as well as Korean Domestic Finance and Public Sector and has proven its security and stability in products.  It received attention internationally as well.

Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance, states said: "As the first to achieve FIDO2 L2 certification, Alliance board member eWBM is showing leadership in providing its customers with a more transparent view of the security inside its authenticator. We look forward to eWBM's continued leadership and promotion of FIDO2 certified technology in Korea and the rest of the world."

"By achieving FIDO2 L2 Certification, eWBM received worldwide recognition on its technology and has laid the groundwork for the leading role in the future security market," states Stephen Oh, CEO of eWBM and added, "Our goal is to provide more convenient authentication services to customers through leading in new global technologies as well as in biometrics."

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