Figaro, India's favorite olive oil, unveils packaging changes that catch some by surprise

MUMBAI, India, Aug. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Spanish multinational Deoleo, producer of the world's top-selling olive oils, today announced appealing changes to the packaging of its flagship Figaro olive oil that are so beloved by consumers in India.

FIGARO New Look Range
FIGARO New Look Range


FIGARO New Look Tins
FIGARO New Look Tins

Forty years ago, Figaro became the very first olive oil brand sold in India and it has remained the country's market leader ever since, currently commanding a 19% share in sales distributed and marketed by Deoleo India Pvt. Ltd.

Consumers are already seeing the new packaging on the shelves -- quite dramatic in the glass bottles but so subtle in the more popular tin containers that some shoppers have sought reassurance it's the same product they've always known and trusted.

They can indeed rest assured, said Deoleo India General Manager Susana Toribio Bustelo. This is the same high-grade, carefully crafted olive oil it's always been, but with a slightly new look. "Figaro in its green tin is synonymous with olive oil in India, and the tin packaging is admired by our consumers," she said.

The changes to the tin container, specifically the 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre are quite subtle, however, the slight changes have given the tin a sharper look with greater emphasis on the brands Spanish heritage and origin. In addition, it is now easy to find corporate and brand information for consumers.

In contrast, Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the bottle now looks strikingly different, with the glass much darker -- to better protect the oil from the detrimental effects of sunlight -- and the bottle itself taking on a sturdier, handsomer shape. The label also now includes all the extra information of help to consumers.

"India is a key market for our business and therefore a crucial investment for the company," said Chief Commercial Officer Miguel De Jaime Guijarro at Deoleo, which commenced operations in India in 2013.

"The company remains committed to delivering high-quality products and keeps a close watch on all processes, from procurement of raw materials from farmers to the end-produce reaching consumers across the sub-continent."

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