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Fight To Fame announces the design of the new official website, and uses the digital market to pick up the FF token related promotion

Fight To Fame announces the design of the new official website, and uses the digital market to pick up the FF token related promotion

NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar, May 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In early April 2020, Fight To Fame announced a new official website design. The new page adopts a design method similar to Olympic tickets. Gold has been the dominant color and a large number of 3D images have been added, making each page more in line with Fight To Fame's promotional concept.

And the new official website page integrates multiple pages such as event introduction, player registration, action star reality show live broadcast, announcements, FF token introduction, core team, etc., so that the audience can quickly be in the workplace, office or at home Browse related news about Fight To Fame. In addition, the official website also has a contact window, whether you are a registered player, a fan who cheers for the player, or an action movie fan, you can see the current ongoing activities through the most striking place. So you can easily and quickly join activities that are going on or going on.

Introduction page: Through a newly designed homepage and a lot of animation rendering, Fight To Fame will show the unique operation mode of "blockchain + sports + film and television" to every audience intuitively.

Player registration: Through the concise and clear registration form, any interested player can immediately upload their own relevant documents on the official website, and this update uses a more secure end-to-end encryption system, so that your privacy no longer has to worry about being Anyone leaked.

Reality Show: Through the reality show interface, not only the audience, but anyone can view the ongoing events on this page. Whether you are using a TV, mobile phone, computer or other tablet devices, you can turn on the screen anytime, anywhere and enjoy the ultimate visual experience we bring to you.

Newsroom: With this update, the newsroom function also appears. You can find all relevant reports about Fight To Fame on this page. And you can also share the stories you are interested into various social platforms.

FF token: Through the independent design of the FF token page, fans no longer need to go to major platforms to search for relevant information about FF token, just click on our page to get the latest news.

As COVID-19 virus continue to wreak havoc on a global scale, the real economy of various countries is facing great risks. However, the cryptocurrency market has shown a pick-up trend. With this opportunity, Fight To Fame has embarked on a new round of publicity about FF tokens around the world. Up to now, the Fight To Fame Organizing Committee has launched a large number of media campaigns in the United States, Brazil, Peru, Myanmar and other places.

For more content, we will release it in the next few weeks.  

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