Finterest Participates in World Digital Asset Summit

NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- World Digital Asset Summit is one of the most high-profile events in blockchain field. WDAS 2021 was held recently. The Summit aims to deliver and display the most cutting-edge and forward-looking trends, technologies, and projects in blockchain industry. The Summit invited representative enterprises and renowned guests to share and discuss in depth from multiple perspectives, such as 0xAlpha, FBG Capital, A16z, Finterest and Huobi, bringing a feast of intellectual update. Finterest, as one of the major participants, actively and deeply discussed the future development of crypto assets with various outstanding blockchain project leaders.

Finterest is an early-stage institutional investor focusing on blockchain and crypto assets. Members of the founding team come from the top 5 exchanges and top crypto capitals. The investment targets include public blockchains, exchanges, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, decentralized social community, etc.

Aside from investing in superior crypto projects, strong post-investment incubation service capability is Finterest's core competitiveness compared with other crypto venture capitals. Finterest Blockchain Entrepreneur Incubator possesses a rich and scarce resource network in the market which aims to help startups who use blockchain technology to develop disruptive and innovative solutions to solve practical problems in the real world.

In addition, Finterest High-Class Investor Community provides suggestions of future assets investment for its members, taking digital assets such as NFTs and Metaverse as important investment targets. In this way, Finterest brings various asset allocation opportunities for investors and provide professional asset management plans for our clients.

Finterest believes that short-term market fluctuations will not weaken the reformation and the innovation that blockchain technology brings to the overall business world. The company will firmly and concisely invest in the field of blockchain and crypto to provide operational support for entrepreneurs and investors, especially professional support and guidance in regulatory affairs, marketing, and management. Finterest looks forward to assisting more outstanding entrepreneurs to develop, promoting the development of the blockchain industry, and striving to become bellweather for crypto asset investment and incubation.

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