First "Alliance for the Development of Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technologies" will be Established in China for the Development of Integration of the two Technologies

BEIJING, Sept. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- "Seminar of Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technologies" was held in Tsinghua University on September 3, during which it was proposed to establish the "Alliance for the Development of Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technologies" to promote integration and long-term development for "artificial intelligence and block chain." With the aim to advance innovation for the two technologies as well as technological innovation, commercial innovation and institutional innovation in their relevant fields, and to build a production-study-research cooperation platform with the function of sharing technologies, standards and intellectual property rights and incubating new technologies.

The Alliance (ABCD Alliance), will become the first alliance committed to development of integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and block chain technologies in China.

According to Zhang Guoqiang, the head of the Preparatory Committee for the alliance, said that the alliance would be commonly proposed and voluntarily sponsored by top experts, technological companies, public institutions and social organizations in the fields of AI and Block chain and in their relevant fields in line with the principle of equality, voluntariness and mutual benefit. Currently, experts in relevant fields from some famous universities at home and abroad including Duke University, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University have intentions of joining the alliance. Subsequently, individuals and institutions including scholars, engineers, enterprises, public institutions and laboratories will be invited to join the alliance.

In addition, with efforts of the alliance, its first brain-like computing laboratory -- Bayes Laboratory has been established in Tsinghua University, the head of which is Deng Yangdong, a professor of Computer Software at Tsinghua University. Subsequently, a think tank will be also established, and currently, professors, laboratories and graduate schools of Tsinghua University, Zhengjiang University and Xidian University and leaders of some listed companies have been invited to join the think tank and to provide support.

According to Zhang Guoqiang, the head of the Preparatory Committee for the alliance, the aim of the alliance was to promote integration of AI and block chain technologies, to speed up evolution from the block chain technology into the third-generation stage based on AI, to enable Chinese to have a say in and develop standards for new technologies, and to help AI and block chain technologies benefit the public in a wider way.

"Development of AI and block chain technologies is at a critical crossing, so we hope to sponsor a production-study-research cooperation and communication platform for all of us," said Zhang Guoqiang.

Integration of AI and Block Chain Will Be a Trend

Shi Ying, an senior architect from Jingdong, Chai Chunyan, the financial big data director from Ping'an, and Jia Zhipeng, the director of technical standards from Horizon Robotics and other enterprise experts gave  reports on Jingdong Moon-landing Platform, intelligent investment & consultation, built-in AI and other topics, which were well received.

According to experts attending the seminar, AI and block chain, two of the most popular technologies, now represented the future development direction, and their integration, the next step, will bring immeasurable benefits to each other and create more exciting changes and futures.

In his speech at the seminar, "integration of AI and block chain will bring another storm to the whole IT industry," said Meng Yan, the vice president of the largest Chinese IT community in the world -- CSDN.

"Integration of AI and block chain will be the next step and can realize a new generation of value internet," said Li Qinghua, a top chip design expert and an expert in the field of communication in China.

Li Qinghua now acts as the chief architect scientist of MATRIX block chain and is responsible for overall design of integration of block chain architecture and AI. MATRIX block chain, which is distinct from the noisy token issuance and commercial application in the industry, focuses on "innovation of underlying data chains of block chains and creative introduction of AI", and is committed to creating an underlying system realizing intelligent collaboration and open source on block chain to enable development personnel to build and publish the next-generation distributed application and to facilitate popularization of the use of block chain.

Li Qinghua said that, currently, there are two valuable combination points of block chain and artificial intelligence (AI), and the first point is AI based on the consensus system of block chain, such as making judgments with AI instead of humans and AI for voting systems and intelligent contracts; the second is block chain manageability, natural involvement of parameter models and transaction models, integration of application services and optimization of service rules realized with AI.

"Actually, block chain is used to integrate time with space, and AI can be used to predict the future with history. After the integration of AI and block chain, close combination between space and time can be realized," Li Qinghua said. He also said that we used AI to establish contract constitution and to realize self-discipline and autonomy, and by achieving natural evolution with AI, many things with public benefits will be realized on the basis of opening of block chain computing power.