First Complete Automatic Hand-to-Work Locking and Quick Release Modular Tool System Technologies Available from Ocean Tomo Auctions


Powerful automatic pin locking technology with manual quick release at every tool connection improves productivity and enhances safety for all mechanics' hand tools and power tools, available at no reserve auction.

SHANGHAI, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ocean Tomo Transactions and Ocean Tomo China announce the private auction of a unique and now complete modular tool system.  The portfolio of assets available from Ocean Tomo Auctions, in a private, no-reserve auction, includes worldwide patents, complete production engineering drawings and specifications as well as registered trademarks and trade names related to all automatic hand-to-work pin locking and quick release mechanics' hand and power tools.

The technologies originated with Peter M. Roberts, inventor of the Quick Release for Ratchet Wrenches, who after a 20-year dispute over the wrench technology settled out of court with Sears for an undisclosed amount.  Mr. Roberts' and other inventors' locking and quick release tool system technologies offered include a powerful diagonal pin locking mechanism.  The technologies provide the benefit of automatic hand-to-work locking of all mechanics' hand and power tools and combinations (including standard sockets) along with quick release at every tool connection (not just ratchets).  The result is a modular tool system that provides valuable productivity and safety advantages to mechanics' hand tools and power tools. 

According to the inventors, "the annual global market for hand and power tools stands at $51 billion USD, a substantial portion of which is mechanics' hand and power tools.  No comparable hand-to-work technology exists in the market with a tool system competitive to the technology offered in this auction."  The portfolio, comprised of more than 30 issued patents and patent applications related to the hand-to-work system technologies, covers various aspects of key consuming and manufacturing locations, including:  the US, Mexico, mainland China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Great Britain, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, Brazil and others. 

The Ocean Tomo private auction will begin May 18, 2018 and end November 1, 2018, or sooner, as determined by Ocean Tomo.  Interested bidders, contact Dean Becker at or +1 251 333 8627

Independent evaluations on productivity and safety are available upon request, including results experienced by the US Army as well as a major global leader in independent testing demonstrating highly significant improvements in both productivity and health effects on users from using hand-to-work mechanics' tools. 

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