The First Farmer Drama Exhibition Held in Zibo, Shandong

QUFU, China, Nov. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The First Farmer Drama Exhibition came to an end in Zibo, a city in the middle of Shandong, on October 28, 2018. On that day, local Peking Opera Troupes performed traditional Peking Opera and original local dramas for the villagers, received warm welcome among these audiences.

The First Farmer Drama Exhibition Held in Zibo,Shandong
The First Farmer Drama Exhibition Held in Zibo,Shandong

The exhibition has already lasted for one month. There have been 146 folk theater groups from 17 cities and towns continuing to perform more than 240 repertoires under the promotion of the Shandong Provincial and Municipal Drama Associations and the local cultural authorities.

More than 10 types of Shandong local opera dramas, such as Lu Opera, Shandong Bangzi, Maoqiang and Liuqiang, are performed. In areas where these dramas are widespread, the repertoires are pursued with enthusiasm by local audiences.

The performers of these dramas are all from local farmers. Although amateur, they are all excited to be in the middle of the stage to realize their dreams.

Heling Gao, the head of the Shandong Bangzi Troupe in Tai'an (a city in the middle of Shandong), when taking about the enthusiasm of locals during the performance of a traditional repertoire called "the Story of the Wall", said that, "Although only six actors were needed in the drama, more than 30 people in the group on the spot."

"Our team has grown up in the field and the local farmers who love drama have been the important force of the troupe," Gao said. The lyrics are completely colloquial, the vocals are easy to learn and the accompaniment instruments are simple. These are the reasons why it is easy to be accepted by the locals.  

"The roads in some villages are rugged and difficult to go. Every time there is a performance, the village committee always arranges people to bring those who crippled but are eager to go, with motorcycles and try to make everyone 'not off the team," one of the local governors said. He believes that as long as the audiences are always in, the inheritance of the local dramas will not be broken.

"Folk positions are of great significance to the development of the local drama." Xinji Xie, the executive vice chairman of the Shandong Drama Association, said that, in conjunction with the "New Era Civilization Practice Literary and Volunteer Service Activities," their association organized artists to go to the countryside to perform.

"We will further promote the registration of folk drama groups across the province and make more efforts to maintain the benign ecology of Shandong opera development," he said.

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