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FishyHub Singapore Blazes the Trail in Aquarium E-Commerce with Newly Launched Social Platform

FishyHub Singapore Blazes the Trail in Aquarium E-Commerce with Newly Launched Social Platform

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach  - 7 February 2022 - As the pioneering marketplace for aquarium e-commerce in Southeast Asia, FishyHub takes one step further with its new social commerce venture . The first in the region to incorporate a social component into its business model, the revamped AI-powered platform brings innovative experiences to hobbyists while diversifying the aquaculture sector. In conjunction with the growing popularity of fishkeeping, this move acts as a catalyst for conversations amongst the passionate aquarist community.


Building a Robust Community for Aquarium Hobbyists through Social Commerce


As fish rank third amongst popular pets in the world, FishyHub has witnessed an increasing interest in fishkeeping, largely fuelled by homeowners seeking a low-maintenance companion. Differentiating itself from other aquarium e-commerce sites, FishyHub, the region's first marketplace, has adapted its model to be more social to support and inspire individuals through their fishkeeping journey.


In the digital age where the presence of an online community is crucial for collaboration and growth, FishyHub sets itself as a vanguard of aquarium social commerce. Taking things beyond the simple sharing of posts on Facebook pages, FishyHub builds a tight community of like-minded individuals by allowing users to share pictures and videos of their aquariums and tag their fishes and plants. The strategic implementation of a 'copy-buy' function within the social posts also revolutionises how fish hobbyists in Singapore shop FishyHub's expansive catalogue of fish , plants and other aquarium necessities without being overwhelmed.


Personalisation Taken to New Heights


As a result of the pioneering ventures of FishyHub, the all-new addition of a social purpose to its strategy builds on the local platform's legacy of delivering personalised services. With consumers becoming increasingly expectant of bespoke services and accurate recommendations, FishyHub caters to these demands with its proprietary automated recommendation engine. Introductory quizzes that users fill out upon account creation will provide essential data on mastery and preferences. Users can also build a digital tank using FishyHub's compatibility matrix function that recommends suitable tank mates from its estimated 40 partnered merchants. Alongside tailor-made data driven solutions, partnerships with industry players like Qian Hu Fish Farm also provide homeowners with a stress-free experience when growing their fish collection.


Making Tank Adventures a Reality at Home


Bringing creative solutions, FishyHub's customer centric approach is one to keep an eye out for as it takes steps towards expansion beyond Singapore. As the social commerce business makes great strides in maintaining continued relevance and revenue, experts and beginners in the field of fishkeeping can redefine their aquatic adventures with offerings such as Adventure Packs and top-notch Aquarium services in aquascaping and maintenance.

About FishyHub Singapore:

FishyHub is the first aquarium social e-commerce marketplace established in Singapore. Focusing on providing a one-stop-shop, it harnesses social commerce and data analytics to satisfy every hobbyist's aquarium needs and supplement their fishkeeping journey. Since its inception in early 2021, FishyHub has revolutionised the aquarium industry by working with over 40 farms, local fish stores and suppliers and forming partnerships with aquaculture fish providers such as Qian Hu Fish Farm. Changing the way avid fish keepers build their dream aquatic worlds, FishyHub and its innovative packages and solutions set itself up as an epic online aquarium store in the fast-growing industry. For more information, please visit: .


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