Focus on Smart Manufacturing, Suzhou Xiangcheng Holds Investment Promotion Conference in Tokyo

SUZHOU, China, July 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 2, Suzhou Xiangcheng went to Tokyo, Japan, to hold a "Focus on Smart Manufacturing China-Japan Cooperative Innovation" Suzhou (Xiangcheng) Japan Investment Promotion Conference.

At the promotion meeting, Gu Haidong, secretary of the Xiangcheng District CPC Committee, gave an introduction from two aspects: the overall development of Xiangcheng District and the planning of the Sino-Japanese Smart Manufacturing Cooperative Innovation Zone in Suzhou (Xiangcheng). It fully shows the advantages of Xiangcheng in industrial agglomeration, city integration, business environment and so on.

It is understood that in recent years, Xiangcheng has taken the initiative to embrace Japanese resources and create a new strategic pattern. The "Suzhou (Xiangcheng) China-Japan Smart Manufacturing Cooperative Innovation Zone", launched by Xiangcheng District, is planned by Nomura Research Institute of Japan as a whole, covering a total area of 489 square kilometers.
It is worth mentioning that the Xiangcheng contact point for attracting investment to Japan has been officially unveiled. The establishment of the liaison station will build a "bridge" for exchanges and cooperation between Xiangcheng and Japan, further expand the scope of investment promotion in Xiangcheng, and implement accurate investment promotion. The first batch of eight enterprises in Suzhou (Xiangcheng), such as the Sino-Japanese cooperative education project, the IT software cooperation project and the strategic cooperation project of the Japan-China operators Association, have signed contracts for enterprises in the Sino-Japanese Smart Manufacturing Cooperative Innovation Zone in Suzhou (Xiangcheng).

In addition, the Enterprise Department of Nomura Comprehensive Research Institute, Co., Ltd., as Minister Tanazaki Jiabang and other four guests, launched a round-table forum on the Smart Manufacturing Synergetic Innovation Zone. They believe that Suzhou (Xiangcheng) Sino-Japanese smart manufacturing collaborative innovation zone will effectively focus on Japanese enterprises and talents, and become a hot destination for the innovation and development of smart manufacturing industry. Representatives of relevant enterprises also shared their experience of investment.

It has been learned that during the stay in Japan, the Xiangcheng economic and trade delegation also visited a number of Japanese enterprises and institutions, such as Japan AIRTECH Co., Ltd., NEC Japan Electric Co., Ltd., and the Japan Trade Promotion Agency, and fully understood their needs, laying the foundation for strengthening cooperation in the future.