Followme 5.0 Product Launch: Focusing on User Value & Enabling Social Transaction with Technology

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Followme 5.0 Product Launch was held in Shenzhen on December 21, and famous names in the industry, financial elites and mainstream media attended this event. During the product launch, focusing on the values of "Customer First, Good Technology" and taking users as the center, Followme provides users with better experience in social trading through technological innovation.

Since its establishment in 2015, Followme has continued to develop, innovate, and achieve historic breakthroughs, while bringing wealth to users. Today, community users cover 168 countries and regions in the world, with more than 300,000 active users of community. The strategic subscription service provided by Followme has brought RMB 4 million of subscription revenue to over 1,000 community traders within one year since it became online.

Followme CEO Wayne said that all these achievements are inseparable from the user's efforts and contribution to the community. In addition to showing the many current achievements obtained, Followme launched product upgrades around the interests of users, and showed them through three major sectors: trading, community and technology in this 5.0 Launch.

With regard to trading, Followme proposes to be more open, more standardized and more inclusive for its Open Platform 3.0. Followme will support the binding of 2080 dealer accounts in the whole world, and support users from more than 200 dealers to apply as traders. Based on this, Followme enhances the entry threshold for traders and implements the trader application system. The users can apply to become traders only after meeting the conditions such as account net value, activity and profit. In addition, Followme will remove the 30% of the subscription share to guarantee 100% subscription fee revenue of the traders.

In order to ensure the safety of users' follow trading, Followme has upgraded its intelligent risk control system and newly added equity protection and automatic scaling functions, to help users allocate reasonable real-time equity, automatically execute follow ratios and comprehensively ensure users' follow safety.

In terms of community products, Followme upgraded its intelligent search engine to create industry-specific knowledge map. Meanwhile, new trading notes were added to focus on real users' trading experience, skills and story sharing. New broker reviews were added, so that users can understand broker information more objectively, transparently and from multiple perspectives.

All users are creating value and deserving the corresponding return. In order to build a good community ecology, Followme always pays attention to the realization of users' value, and attaches importance to the contribution of users' individual behaviors to the community.

Users contribute to the development of the community through the production of content, interactions, and trading. Followme will contribute to the user's contributions and provide physical goods, subscription-free and other rights. This will effectively encourage community users to deeply participate in the community ecology and contribute their own strength.

Beyond that, Followme will also build the one-stop trading environment and achieve multi-mode aggregation of Client API, Manager API and Fix API, so that the trading signals are transmitted more stable, free from the restrictions of brokers and trading systems and can achieve lower costs and higher liquidity.

Followme obtains opportunity, but the test has just begun. Followme will celebrate its 5th anniversary next year and will continue to enable trading with user value + technology to create a new ecosystem of intelligent trading communities with stable trading systems, stable traders and friendly communication atmosphere.


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