Food Union Focuses on Growth with New Export Markets for Ice-Cream and Curd Snacks in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan

RIGA, Latvia, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading dairy producer Food Union, renowned for creating dairy and ice cream products in the Baltics, announced today an expansion of popular brands Ekselence, Pols and Lakto as exports into three East Asian markets - Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Exports to these markets have reached 125 tons and are expected to reach 270 tons by the end of the year, according to Food Union market analysis.

"We remain focused on growing new markets and developing dynamic distribution for our high-quality ice cream products. We have found that customers in Asian markets seek out the same high-quality products from trusted European dairy producers. We are paving roads into new markets by placing popular Latvian and Estonian brands in strong, respected Asian retail chains. Our goal is to increase exports to these markets, and next year we plan to expand into two additional East Asian regions," said Normunds Staņēvičs, Food Union CEO in Europe.

Food Union exports to East Asia gradually increased towards the end of 2019 and peaked in June 2020 as Food Union entered Taiwan. The majority of the export products are made in Food Union's central plant JSC Rīgas piena kombināts and a smaller percentage are produced in Estonia's Premia TKH plant.

Food Union products are sold in various East Asian store chains, cafés and offices. Food Union's market strategy in China combines their knowledge of the region's culture, consumer behaviours and FMCG market demands.

The company exports 46 different products from three well-known Latvian brands and one newly created brand. Customers who prefer premium and exquisite flavours can enjoy Ekselence, an assortment of gourmet ice cream with all the flavours popular in Latvia. The legendary Pols brand is now being shipped from Riga on a regular basis, allowing customers to enjoy bold flavours and a recipe cherished by generations of Latvians. The Lakto Diamond product, based on the Lakto brand collection for children, has been created especially for the East Asian market and offers three curd snacks and three ice cream products. Fans of lean, low-calorie products will be able to enjoy three unique fruit sorbets with Shapetime. All exported goods will be available on the Food Union online store, and additional new products will be added in the coming weeks and months.

In addition to export products, Food Union launched an Ekselence pop-up shop in one of the most prestigious shopping centres in Hong Kong, where consumers can enjoy gourmet Ekselence ice cream products.

About Food Union Group

Food Union is the largest dairy company in Latvia and the leading ice cream producer in Baltic countries. Food Union Group is made up of three largest dairy companies and ice cream makers in Latvia – "Rīgas piena kombināts," "Valmieras piens," and "Rīgas piensaimnieks," Estonia's largest ice cream maker "Premia," the leading Danish ice cream producer "Premier Is," Danish ice cream distribution company "Hjem Is," Norway's ice cream company "Isbjørn Is" and ice cream delivery service "Den Norske Isbilen," Romanian ice cream maker "Alpin57Lux," ice cream company "Ingman Ice Cream in Belarus," and "Hladokombinat No.1 in Russia. In 2018, Food Union opened two dairy product and children's food plants in China. In 2019, Food Union Group in Europe turned over EUR 277 million. Food Union Group employs more than 3,100 people.

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