Foray into Cosme, China's makeup brand VENUS MARBLE to lay out its Japanese market

Foray into Cosme, China's makeup brand VENUS MARBLE to lay out its Japanese market

SHANGHAI, Dec. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- China's beauty brand VENUS MARBLE officially started its business in Japan by selling makeup products in Japanese largest cosmetics website Cosme as well as its offline stores and a makeup retail brand Rosemary, marking a key step of the brand's global layout.

The year 2016 witnessed China's beauty market growing mature, when Chen Jianyi, CEO of VENUS MARBLE, was working with an operator affiliated to Facebook for advertisement. From the data collected by social media, Chen found a great opportunity in China's makeup industry.

Collaborated with Xie Ruoyun, who is passionate for makeup, Chen created VENUS MARBLE, a brand dedicated to interpreting the versatility of makeup products through the fusion of art and color.

VENUS MARBLE's most popular eye-shadow palette decorated with marble texture went viral online immediately after it was launched, and was highly recommended by celebrities, KOL and ordinary consumers.

Staying top of the eye-shadow brands' list in China's leading e-commerce platform Taobao for eight consecutive months, this palette triggered a fashion boom in China. Since then VENUS MARBLE's artistic image was deeply rooted in people's mind.

This brand also pays great attention to the product practicality in the hope that every woman can wear makeup as easily as a professional. Guided by this philosophy, the Romanticism and Mammonism eye-shadow series launched after also became cult-favorite products. The two collections' success stimulated the brand's sales to 260 million in 2018.

Marble Eyeshadow Palette
Marble Eyeshadow Palette

VENUS MARBLE series mainly contain eye shadow, blusher, highlight, mascara and makeup remover. VENUS MARBLE's expectation to cover the whole makeup categories is in line with its strategic plan to grow into a globally renowned brand.

This vision is rooted in its reflection on the Chinese makeup market. Statistics show that China has grown into the second largest consumer of makeup products.

However, the fact that China has no world-renowned beauty brands is not equivalent to the country's economic status. Time-honored brands or start-up ones are not comparable with such big names as Chanel, Dior, in terms of competitiveness and influence.

In this regard, VENUS MARBLE, as a native brand, shoulders its responsibility to introduce Chinese makeup brands to the world.

"The world is focusing on us. Therefore, we must develop our own influential brands, not just those Taobao ones," said Chen Jianyi. "We have to take practice and we are actually working hard in this direction."

The brand's foray into Japan is crucial to its development. Based on its early success as ranking top 3 in terms of online sales in the makeup category on Amazon, Yahoo and Lotte in Japan, VENUS MARBLE decided to start its business on Cosme and Rosemary, whose offline channels enjoy greater potential.

The major consumption of Japanese beauty remains offline, taking up about 70 percent of the whole market. Therefore, after launching all of its existing categories in 20 Cosme stores and 14 Rosemary stores, VENUS MARBLE will expand its business in LoFt and other offline channels.

What's more expected is the new cat-themed collection, which will go on sale in Japan in December after going public in China two months earlier.

It is reported the Cat Collection has 15 key stocking units, with eye shadow and lip gloss as its core products. Lip gloss is expected to be launched in December.

The six eye-shadow palettes included in the Cat Collection represents six different kinds of cats, through which, the new product expects to capture the demand of specific consumers.

The series has gained high popularity after launching. In Japan, the Cat Collection became a heated discussed topic on Twitter even before its official launch.

Cat Eyeshadow
Cat Eyeshadow

The new collection marks a turning point of the brand's overall product strategy. In order to enhance its brand image, VENUS MARBLE will promote new products in series instead of single items in the future, which corresponds to its global layout.

Stepping into the Asian market is the very first step of VENUS MARBLE, said Wen Chong, the brand's co-partner, responsible for sales channels. By now, VENUS MARBLE has been sold in Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. The brand's foray into Cosme and Rosemary will further enhance its popularity to facilitate its entry into Singapore and Malaysia markets.

In addition, VENUS MARBLE is considering its expansion into the European and North American markets. With this global layout, the brand is realizing its vision to become a renowned Chinese beauty brand with global influence.

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