Foreign Languages Press depicts stories between China and its foreign friends

BEIJING, Aug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Over the past century, friends from around the world who developed a profound friendship with China and its people devoted themselves to the great cause of China's revolution and development. The book, "Shared Ideals: The Communist Party of China and Its Cherished Friends from Around the World," is here to take a closer look at their stories with China.




Published by the Foreign Languages Press, the book features 18 characters who have worked with the CPC to make outstanding contributions to the Chinese people's cause of national liberation, socialist development, and reform and opening up.

The characters selected include Norman Bethune, Edgar Snow, Agnes Smedley, and Anna Louise Strong, mentioned by Chairman Mao Zedong in his "In Memory of Norman Bethune" as well as in other essays; Dwarkanath Kotnis, Jean-Augustin Bussiere, and Hans Shippe, mentioned by President Xi Jinping in his speech at a seminar to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression; Ohira Masayoshi, Juan Antonio Samaranch, and Konosuke Matsushita, honored with the China Reform Friendship Medal; and Israel Epstein, Rewi Alley, Ivan Vasilevich Arkhipov, and Morihiko Hiramatsu, listed among the Top 10 International Friends of China, an online event.

Many international friends have made a contribution to the cause of Chinese revolution and socialist development under CPC leadership. They have worked through thick and thin with the CPC and the Chinese people, forming a close community of shared future. Some have worked for the Party's cause for decades, some have joined the CPC, and some have become Chinese citizens. Their love and compassion for the CPC and the Chinese people, their devotion and contribution to China's revolution, development and reform, their sacrifice for the pursuit of truth, and their strict self-discipline are all part of the CPC's glorious history over the past century.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Chairman of the Kuhn Foundation, sends congratulations to the Foreign Languages Press on the release of the book, saying, "For the world to understand China, the world must understand the party's way of thinking."

"I think where this book can be very helpful is in terms of inspiring and motivating people who have a positive attitude to China," said David Ferguson, a senior copy editor at the Foreign Languages Press. "It shows them that they're not alone, that they are part of a very long-standing tradition involving some significant individuals."

Ferguson's opinion is echoed by Evandro Menezes de Carvalho, Head of Center for Brazil-China Studies at the Getulio Vargas Foundation School of Law. He said the book symbolizes the dialogue and goodwill between China and the CPC and the international friends.



Liu Yuhong