FORESEE: Offering High-Stability eMMC

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Embedded storage has gradually matured over its years of development. However, as technology has developed, market demands towards the stability of embedded storage products has also increased. Only by improving their products and technologies and pushing the boundaries of technology can storage enterprises weather the storm of the rapidly changing market.

In 2020, FORESEE, Longsys' embedded storage brand, launched a compact eMMC packaged in BGA 153, with dimensions of only 9x7.5x0.8mm. This is in stark contrast to the standard dimensions of 11.5x13x1.2mm. The operating temperature ranges from -25°C to 85°C, reaching the standards seen in industrial-grade products, and the maximum capacity can reach up to 64GB. It meets all market requirements for high performance, low power consumption, slimness, and multiple capacities, and satisfies the needs of terminal equipment such as tablets, smart phones, smart speakers, dash cams, and smart watches.

FORESEE's compact eMMC boasts stable and superior performance in various operational scenarios. The power-off protection function and anticipated replacement function ensure that data remains valid when the product encounters extreme scenarios such as loss of power or unstable voltage, and ensures that data is replaced before any errors occur. This helps users avoid a host of data storage problems typically seen in emergency situations. Moreover, the S.M.A.R.T function can access the health status of the memory chip at any time to ensure product stability.

In response to requirements for electronic equipment in terms of stability, fluency, and more, the compact eMMC uses high-performance main control chips and stable NAND Flash chips. It has also been certified by multiple mainstream platforms. Moreover, the compact eMMC is capable of FBA (free block acceleration), and uses the free blocks pSLC mode to boost performance.

The product is a new entry to the FORESEE embedded storage brand lineup, which has been in operation since 2011. FORESEE has many patents for core technologies and independently developed firmware programs, including IDA, FBA, dynamic balance wear algorithm, error-correcting code (ECC) algorithm, bad block management, and power failure protection functions. In 2018, it was the first to launch 1TB UFS products, ushering in a new TB high-capacity era for embedded products.


FORESEE embedded storage products focus on both the service industry and consumer electronics products. In addition to compact eMMC, it has launched eMMC, eMCP, UFS, LPDDR and ePOP products, which are widely used such fields as smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, digital TVs, in-vehicle devices, and IOT devices.

In this modern era, everything around us is undergoing rapid changes. However, whatever the changes, the market's demand for high-quality storage products will remain unchanged. In response to these vicissitudes, Longsys remains dedicated to making progress in quality, innovation, and stability in its products. This steadfast attitude allows it to continue growing amongst fierce competition. Longsys will continue to work with FORESEE and bring high-performance and high-quality products and solutions to industry customers.