FOREVA contributes to our planet's environmental protection

BEIJING, April 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The public benefit event held in Beijing on April 22, 2018 in celebration of this year's Earth Day was co-organized by the International Green Economy Association in concert with several likeminded organizations. Sha Zukang, former United Nations Under Secretary General, Judy Wang, Director of FOREVA China, as well as industry insiders and guests from both in and outside of China came together to showcase the latest trends in adopting a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. The interactive session "An Environmentally-Friendly Life-My Seven Promises to Protect Our Planet", sponsored by high-end European skin care brand, FOREVA, drew the most attention on that day in addition to much positive feedback from attendees.

Against the backdrop of the large-scale art installation depicting Earth Day, "Time Zones in Future", co-created by Judy Wang and Milan-based designer Mellinda in concert with several colleagues, made known their wishes for environmental protection. Ms. Wang shared what the brand seeks to convey to women all over the world: confidence, freedom and the pursuit of one's own goals as well as the core principles of the brand's research and development: no harm to any user of their products, no harm to the environment while adopting the most advanced technologies. Next, Ms. Sha, the former United Nations Under Secretary General, expressed her wishes for a greener world, together with the wishes of friends of FOREVA hailing from seven countries including France and the UK. This was followed by an animated conversation with the attendees.

Ms. Wang said in an exclusive interview that beauty means not only physical beauty, but also inner beauty in tandem with a smart lifestyle. The European royal Rococo style, the modern American style focused on simplicity and the newfound confidence among Chinese women characterized by their willingness to pursue their own goals are changing how beauty is defined around the world. A child's daily wish that his or her working mother can get a good night's rest left a deep impression on attendees.

As a high-end international skin care brand, FOREVA advocates a simple yet effective life philosophy by combining advanced technologies with ingredients that deliver results. The brand invites Chinese women and their counterparts around the world to protect the earth and support sustainable development, in addition to continuously engaging in tangible and environmentally-friendly campaigns.