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FORMART 2 Smart Vacuum Former Reduces Cost of Sample Making

FORMART 2 Smart Vacuum Former Reduces Cost of Sample Making

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, Jan. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MY YARD introduces a smart vacuum forming machine that can manufacture products from the comfort of your own desk within a minutes. Vacuum forming is a manufacturing technique that can shape various plastic materials to make different molds for cement, soap, chocolate, DIY components etc. All you need is to heat the plastic sheet and then press it down onto the object. Together with a 3D printing machine, it allows you to combine different materials and build a prototype to launch and fund your business in just one minute.


FORMART 2 is equipped with the world's first automatic mold releasing technology, 3 smart suction modes and 4 sheet sizes. Furthermore, FORMART 2's forming area is 3 times bigger than other desktop vacuum forming machines' forming areas. The user-friendly interface helps beginners to achieve a 100% success rate without compromise on quality. The experienced makers also can set up parameters for more than 14 kinds of plastic sheets, making industrial level products at a lower price.

MY YARD launched the FORMART 1 at 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and well-received in Asia markets. To date, MY YARD has shipped out over 300 units of FORMART 1 to 100 teaching schools, micro-enterprises, and design studios. In 2021, MY YARD introduces the FORMART 2 and upgrades several technologies, including better heating, real-time temperature sensing, and industrial-level suction control technology. The FORMART 2 has obtained USA, Canada, EU, Japan, and other national safety certifications.

Key Features of FORMART 2:

  • 3.5" full color LCD screen
  • Complete materials database
  • Exclusive auto plastic sheet detection
  • Unique auxiliary demolding system
  • 1500W quartz heater with heating temperature up to 230 degree Celsius
  • Adjustable vacuum pressure up to 660mmHg
  • Fast switching 4 sheet sizes: 19.7x12 / 16.5x12 / 12x12 / 12x8 inches

FORMART 2 will go live on Kickstarter in March. Sign up now to win the chance of limited 40% OFF super early bird offers on Kickstarter:


"MY YARD" is a start-up company located in Taiwan. It was established by a team with over 20 years experience in product development and won "IAIC Best Startup Company" and "SMEs Innovation Awards" in 2019 - 2020.

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