Four new patents under the belt: Shin Kong Bank and TPIsoftware revolutionize finance industry with new API management applications

TAIPEI, Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Software solution provider TPIsoftware partnered up with Taiwanese commercial bank Shin Kong, building an API service management system from TPIsoftware's own digiRunner platform to connect existing bank APIs with digital service centers, real-time streaming platforms, and other internal systems. Breaking boundaries of traditional finance, the collaboration opened up new uses for API management and obtained four new patents from the "Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs".

Improving user experience

Shin Kong Bank strives to improve internal processes and user experiences. In implementing the API management platform, internal business systems and banking services were connected. This interoperability makes resources readily available, allowing customers to enjoy better financial service experiences.

The bank's smart customer service now provides functions like account and transaction inquiries, membership application, and exchange rates, all built on the digiRunner platform. To provide customers with complete digital experiences, Shin Kong has further connected big data applications with the platform, opening up third-party cooperation and generating more service possibilities.

Optimizing internal processes

digiRunner's uninterrupted hot deployment is key to improving cross-platform development speed and system efficiency by up to 50%. By enabling secure transmission, data, and behavior layer control, IT staff can directly authorize systems without worrying about data security.

Receiving four new patents

The platform, on top of connecting systems, also showcases the effectiveness of operational process improvement with newly acquired patents. These employ digiRunner to connect and coordinate modules, establish system architectures, and facilitate operations. "With the API management platform, maintenance and operation costs have been significantly reduced, and system efficiency has greatly improved," said Dora Hsu, Senior Assistant VP of the bank's Digital Information Technology Department.

TPIsoftware and Shin Kong Bank have jointly pushed for process innovation, focusing on API usage to improve system efficiency. "Shin Kong planned various financial service platforms with a long-term vision, prioritizing understanding the needs of customers and constantly thinking about developing new digital financial services," said Ben Yao, CEO of TPIsoftware. For the future, both organizations look forward to developing financial service platforms, enhancing technological expertise, and catering to the ever-changing needs of customers.

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