FOX+: SMILF to Decode Myths About Single Moms

FOX+: SMILF to Decode Myths About Single Moms

The up and coming exclusive series SMILF on FOX+ takes on the realities that single moms face. Here are some myths about single mothers that need to be debunked.

MANILA, Philippines, June 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- FOX+ presents SMILF. The American comedy series will get a closer look into the lives of single moms.

SMILF. TM & (C) 2017 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
SMILF. TM & (C) 2017 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Having just launched its first season, SMILF has been making waves amongst its audiences. The show follows the life of a young single mom named Bridgette Bird (Frankie Shaw) as she does her best to figure out family, career, and love. SMILF offers a raw and honest look into the realities of balancing parenthood and everything else in life. Together with its strong cast and fresh, brave narratives, SMILF has earned the praises of audiences around the globe.

Because the show boldly takes on even the most unflattering parts of single mom struggles, it succeeds in highlighting the truths and personal victories as well. This allows viewers to genuinely find insights that help them understand the lives that so many women lead today.

SMILF gives audiences a look into the world of single mothers, which not everyone could be familiar with. Here are 5 myths about single mothers that can help people be more in tune with the lives of these solo parents.

1. Single moms are always miserable

Oftentimes, when people hear that a mom is raising her child alone, it is met with sadness and pity. There is a misconception that there is no joy in raising a child solo, or that it's an automatic sob story. While being a single parent is certainly challenging, it is also fulfilling -- and single moms can absolutely be happy and content with where they are.

2. Single moms need to find a partner

Another big misconception about single mothers is that they are not single by choice and that they need someone or a partner to raise their child. There are certainly solo parents out there that are looking for partners, but many single mothers today are single by choice and would prefer it that way. These moms are completely enough for their children.

3. Being a single mom means "bad parent"

When a couple has a child but does not end up staying together, it is often looked down upon as "bad parenting". However, the choice that the couple makes could be very well made with the child's best interest at heart and sometimes the decision to separate could be better for the family as a whole. A single mom can certainly still provide, nurture, and care for the child properly.

4. Being a single dad is "braver" than being a single mom

Because of the societal mindset that child rearing is "feminine" and is better suited for women, single fathers are often more praised and revered. While there are certainly less single fathers than single mothers, all single parents face the same challenges and pressures of raising a child and deserve the same respect and love from society.

5. Single moms shouldn't have an active dating life

It's often seen as "selfish" when single mothers try to include self-care in their lives. This doesn't only include finding "me-time" or doing things for themselves, but even dating as well. People often look down at single moms who also try to find love and happiness, but in reality, these moms will always put their children first and having a good dating life won't change that.

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