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FreeCoin BASS Platform by E.F.H Co., Ltd. Integrates 8 major industries with blockchain to create billions of business growth and opportunities

FreeCoin BASS Platform by E.F.H Co., Ltd. Integrates 8 major industries with blockchain to create billions of business growth and opportunities

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Talking about the most eye-catching innovation trend this year, BLOCKCHAIN is definitely in the top. Many have agreed that 2018 is the first year of commercialization of blockchain. E.F.H Co., Ltd. combines electronic invoice, blockchain and FinTech to create FreeCoin cryptocurrency reward mechanism and FreeCoin BASS (Blockchain As Service), a blockchain-based service platform. With blockchain technoloy as the core, 8 major businesses will be connected as a whole. Another highlight of the FreeCoin ecosystem is the mechanism of double rewards for using e-invoices. In response to the Ministry of Economic Affairs' "paperless transation" policy, the real application of blockchain will be implemented and matured into a "blockchain economy" blueprint.

Freecoin launch ceremony
Freecoin launch ceremony

High efficiency with low cost, win-win-win situation for consumer, business and government

FreeCoin BASS has three major functions: one is to help businesses with blockchain technology, and optimize from the three aspects of cost, technology and service to achieve low-cost and high-efficiency/adaptability benefits. Second, through the FreeCoin BASS connecting industries to create a blockchain ecosystem. In the end, it will fully integrate online and offline financial transactions, and achieve a win-win-win situation for consumers, businesses and the government. In the FreeCoin blockchain ecosystem, consumers can get different amount of FreeCoin rewards based on various activities such as scanning electronic invoices, participating in activities, sports and fitness, charity and other events. In addition to traditional discount/coupon services, FreeCoin provides cross-platform, cross-enterprise and cross-nation integration of coupon/cryptocurrency conversion.

Consumers holding FreeCoin can enjoy any services in the ecosystem; while the store and the company accept FreeCoin as the transaction standard, replacing the discounts and profit deductions caused by the original loyalty program, bringing new business models for consumers, stores and enterprises. In addition, consumer's behavior and consumption details can be aggregated into reliable big-data, database, providing companies/enterprises as the basis for R&D, marketing, and CRM operations; The combination of electronic invoice and blockchain is a complete fiscal and taxation control system that realizes the concept of smart taxation and directly enhances national taxation and tax efficiency.

FreeCoin BASS platform greatly enhances corporate value in all directions

The FreeCoin BASS (blockchain as service) platform launched by E.F.H Co., Ltd. provides a total solution and assists enterprises in optimizing products and services from three major aspects: cost, technology and service. It aims to make enterprises embrace the blockchain without groping from scratch, and only needs to focus on improving corporate value and provide better products and services for customers and markets.

FreeCoin BASS provides a complete, documented, open and friendly API service, which is mainly based on the underlying services of the fcBlockchain and its extended services, including fcToken (Payment Service), fcWallet (Account, Transaction and Authorization Services), fcCredit (Credit, Credit Rating, Loan, Insurance Services), fcTax (Full-Automation and Smart Taxation) and fcInsight (Business AI Consultant) modules. FreeCoin BASS has a full-stack platform solution with general blockchain and cloud advantages, eventually bringing all industries to a new era with this new business model and achieving a wonderful smart lifestyle for the society.

Invite all industries to create a win-win situation and join the new age of global blockchain economic

E.F.H Co., Ltd. has launched the FreeCoin BASS platform, inviting major industries to use the innovative core technologies of the blockchain to jointly create a smart ecosystem with great commercial value and to expand the huge international business opportunities of various industries. E.F.H Co., Ltd. currently covers several business units, including blockchain business with FreeCoin, a business model that revolutionizes global consumption, and FreeCoin BASS; FreeCoin BASS platform also optimizes system hardware, construction, smart home, agricultural and fishery production and marketing, leisure sports, entertainment, education, medical care, e-commerce industry and form the E.F.H Co., Ltd. Holdings. Strategy partners include many high-quality enterprises such as entertainment investment platform - Fansdaq Co., Ltd., Beijing Tianfu Cloud Information Science Research Institute, Taiwan Health and Medical Industry Association, Taiwan Agriculture and Fisheries Alliance, China Product Quality Retrospective Policy Association, Global International News Media, etc.

With blockchain technology, it aims to create a world-class smart ecosystem with transparency, trustworthiness. It is also worth mentioning that FreeCoin BASS platform provides a total solution, which enables enterprise to use one-stop service in the application of blockchain and the practice of integrated technology management; it assists in integration and internalization. With the help with blockchain technology, each industry can create a win-win situation and fight for the economic miracle of the new generation.

E.F.H Co., Ltd. dedicates to promote the innovational blockchain-based invoice system, also aims to bring a good applications of blockchain economic services. And everyone is invited to take the lead.

E.F.H Co., Ltd. has deployed services based on FreeCoin BASS platform in Taiwan, mainland China, Southeast Asia and the US market. At the same time, it plans to launch a listing in the US and expects to complete the listing and go public in the next one or two fiscal years. Our sufficient funds will help to promote the various stages of planning including social welfare and charity, and will also establish charity and youth entrepreneurship support programs supported by the FreeCoin blockchain surplus, and it's honored to have the Queen of Taiwanese dramas -- Joanne Lien, to be our charity ambassador.

E.F.H Co., Ltd. expects to continue putting business models that contribute to the market and society in practice in the future, and invites all industries to join to make the future better and brighter, contributing back to the society with the core concept of "welfare, entrepreneurship, sharing, and love" hold by E.F.H Co., Ltd., inviting home and abroad industries to promote shared economic lifestyle

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