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FTLife Launches New Annuity Product

FTLife Launches New Annuity Product

Up to 5%1 return rate leading in private market;
First-in-market2 inheritable annuity with comprehensive protection

HONG KONG, Jul 18, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - FTLife Insurance Company Limited ("FTLife") has launched a new annuity product "IncomePro" Annuity Plan (the "Plan"), offering another choice to Hongkongers interested in investing in private deferred annuity products. With the population aging and birth rate declining in Hong Kong, and following the launch of the first public annuity plan by the government early this month, FTLife is introducing the "IncomePro" Annuity Plan which offers a return rate of up to 5%1, the highest in the private market. The Plan also has two first-in-market features2 - policy continuation option and premium holiday, plus three flexible aspects and four areas of protection, making it a premium choice promising diverse benefits for Hong Kong people.

Gerard Yang, CEO of FTLife, said, "Our flagship product 'Regent Insurance Plan' has been well received in the market since it was launched in 2017, accounting for over 60% of APE3. On top of the higher return rate and better protection, 'inheritability' is an integral concept of the plan, and this concept also underscores the new Annuity Plan which has incorporated a policy continuation option that allows clients to pass it on to their spouse or next generation. Marrying comprehensive protection and flexible premium payment arrangement, this plan can satisfy various needs of clients from saving for retirement to handing down of wealth, giving Hongkongers a more flexible annuity plan option in the private market."

Numerous premium payment periods, accumulation periods and income periods options
The Plan offers different choices of premium payment period (5, 9 or 12 years), accumulation period (10, 15 or 20 years / till age 55, 60 or 65) and income period (15, 20 or 30 years / till age 88 or 100) for clients with different retirement plans.

Case 1
Issue age: 50
Planned age of retirement: 65
Premium payment period: 9 years
Approximately HK$ 10,144 per month
Approximately HK$ 1,095,582 paid in total
Accumulation period: 15 years
Income period*: 20 years
Total income approximately HK$ 2,527,500
i.e. receive approximately HK$10,530 per month
Rate of return*: 4.2%
Total income is 2.3 times of total premium

Case 2
Issue age: 30
Planned age of retirement: 65
Premium payment period: 12 years
Approximately HK$ 1,562 per month
Approximately HK$ 224,979 paid in total
Accumulation period: Till age 65
Income period*: Till age 88
Total income approximately HK$1,590,360
i.e. receive approximately HK$5,762 per month
Rate of return*: 5.0%
Total income is 7.1 times of total premium

The above case illustrations assume premium is paid annually, and no inflation protector option, premium holiday or premium payment special arrangements. Some figures are rounded up or down, which may result in some discrepancies in the total sum. Monthly income and rate of return are not guaranteed in the income period.

First-in-market2 Policy Continuation Option
Instead of terminating the policy after the death of the insured like other existing plans in the market, the policyowner of this new annuity plan can apply for the first-in-market2 "policy continuation option" during the lifetime of the insured and assign a beneficiary as the new insured and policyowner (where applicable) upon the death of the insured. The policy shall then remain effective with one's loved ones continuing to receive a monthly income4 with all protections offered by the product also remain unchanged.

Example: Husband assigns wife as beneficiary during his lifetime

First-in-market2 Premium Holiday of up to two-year
When a client does not have sufficient cash for paying the premium over a short period of time yet wish to retain the policy, the Plan offers a premium holiday allowing the client to suspend premium payment for up to two years5 with the policy remaining effective. The flexible arrangement is aimed at giving a client time to resolve and address unexpected issues and needs.

Four Areas of Comprehensive Protection
During the income period, the plan provides all-round protection for clients to travel the world, complemented by advanced critical illness benefit, terminal illness benefit and loss of beloved benefit, enabling clients to enjoy life to the fullest worry-free. The innovative protection covers:

1. Travel medical and accident benefit - During the income period, the policyowner is entitled to reimbursement of travel medical expenses of up to 10% of the total premium paid per policy year6. Moreover, an additional one-off accidental death or disability benefit6 of lump-sum up to 100% of total premiums paid is offered, allowing clients to travel the world and fully enjoy every journey.

2. Advanced critical illness benefit - If the insured is diagnosed with new cancer, or had a stroke or heart attack during the income period, 50%7 of the remaining future monthly income amount will be paid in advance, so that client can receive the required treatments timely.

3. Terminal illness benefit - If the insured is diagnosed with terminal illness8 during the income period, a lump-sum death benefit will be paid in advance, and additional monthly income will be paid in the next 12 months to alleviate the financial burden of the client during such difficult times.

4. Loss of beloved benefit - During the income period, upon the death of the insured's spouse or any of his or her children, the policyowner shall receive an extra lump-sum benefit of 20% of the total premium paid9 to take care of the needs of the client and his/her family.

Christine Yeung, Chief Product Officer of FTLife, stressed, "As always, the Company strives to innovate in product development. Our flagship product 'Regent Insurance Plan 2' has been well received by customers as it offers first-in-market10 features including an automatic lock in option, a premium holiday of up to four years and unlimited changes of the insured and protection for new insured up to age 128, allowing passing on of wealth with no time limit. 'HealthCare 168 Critical Illness Protector' is another flagship product of ours that boasts also a number of first-in-market features, such as coverage of 168 critical illnesses, benefit of up to the equivalent of 160% of the insurance amount for respiratory diseases, and waiver for all future premiums after confirmed diagnosis of illnesses of severity level 2 or 3 and claim made. Both products have enjoyed high praises from the independent institution 10Life. Mirroring our consistent approach in product design, this latest product has a new in market policy continuation option and a premium holiday of up to two years, evidence of FTLife's dedication to innovation and customer-oriented spirit. We hope this new product will follow in the footstep of 'Regent Insurance Plan 2' and 'HealthCare 168 Critical Illness Protector' in achieving great results and helping customers plan a worry-free life, as well as pass their wealth, love and care to their beloved."

Three Flexible Advantages
1. Flexible Change of Accumulation Period / Income Period11- Depending on his or her retirement needs, client may choose to advance or delay receipt of annuity, and also prolong or shorten the income period. The plan allows customers to plan their future life in retirement with flexibility and gives them full control on the date and time to start receiving annuity payment.

2. Inflation Protector Option12 - Client can exercise this option, permitting automatic increase of the premium each year by 5% of the initial premium during the premium payment period without having to provide evidence of insurability. The option enables customers to receive increased monthly income in the future, protecting them against inflation.

3. Special Premium Payment Arrangement13 - Client faces different challenges in different stages of life. This special arrangement option aims to help customers to achieve financial flexibility to meet their different needs at different times. After a customer has paid premium for five years, he or she may apply to reduce future premiums and put the partial surrender value back into the policy to earn interest at the rate of 4.25% (non-guaranteed).

Angela Yam, Chief Marketing Officer of FTLife, added, "The essential purpose of annuity is to provide retirees with a monthly income, ensuring that they have a stable basic income after retirement, which is a rather important concept in today's ageing society. FTLife has strived to understand and stay abreast of the needs of retirees. To that end, FTLife will launch an online questionnaire on retirement and a lucky draw for those who filled out the questionnaire to help us collect relevant information. The Company will give out travel coupons to the winner, that he or she may enjoy the fun of travelling before starting a new life after retirement. We hope our new annuity plan can help our customers to better plan for the future and, with a smart retirement plan drawn up, they will be able to enjoy every moment in life in the future."

Customers may visit FTLife's online questionnaire webpage ( to join the "IncomePro - Wonderful Tour Lucky Draw" between 20 July 2018 and 31 August 2018. Just by completing a simple questionnaire and filling out a lucky draw form, one will be able to take part in the lucky draw, with the grand prize being HK$8,000 worth of travel coupons and another 100 lucky winners will receive a toy glider from FTLife. The lucky draw winner list will be published on FTLife's online questionnaire webpage, Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on 14 September 2018. The winners will also be informed by FTLife staff via the phone or email. Trade promotion competition licence number: 050784. For the terms and conditions of the lucky draw and promotion, please visit the online questionnaire webpage.


1. The rate of return is calculated based on Case 2 and it may vary with age of the insured and with different plans. It is not a guaranteed return. Monthly income may be adjusted on each policy anniversary and the actual amount during the income period may vary.
2. "First-in-market" items are relative to same type of annuity plans in the market as of June 2018.
3. Data as of June 2018.
4. Upon the death of the insured during the accumulation period, and in the case which the beneficiary shall become the policyowner, the beneficiary may choose to receive a lump-sum death benefit.
5. Starting from the third policy anniversary, the client can apply for a premium holiday starting the next policy anniversary.
6. Maximum travel medical benefit is USD10,000 per insured per policy. Maximum accidental death or disability benefit is USD200,000 per insured per policy.
7. After the critical illness claim payment, the guaranteed cash value, terminal dividend, balance of cash account (the amount converted from the accumulated annual dividends and interests (if any) and special bonus (if any) at the end of the accumulation period) and future monthly income will be reduced accordingly.
8. Terminal illness means the unequivocal diagnosis by a doctor of an illness that is expected to result in death of the insured within 12 months. The terminal illness benefit will only be paid once. The policy will be terminated after the benefit is paid.
9. Subject to the maximum of USD 10,000 per insured per policy, this loss of love benefit will only be paid once. Immediate coverage for death resulted from an accident, but a 2-year waiting period will be applied to death resulted from illness.
10. "First-in-market" items are relative to same type of life insurance saving plans in the market, as of February 2018.
11. Client can apply for this option starting from the third policy anniversary. The period being changed should match any of the pre-set options of the plan. No application of such change will be accepted after the commencement of income period. Application for such change is subject to the prevailing administrative rules of the Company.
12. Not applicable to policies with premium prepayment. After each premium increment, the guaranteed cash value, monthly income, terminal dividend (if any) and future annual dividend (if any) and special bonus (if any) to be distributed will then be adjusted accordingly.
13. Premium payment special arrangement is only applicable to policy with a 9-year or 12-year premium payment period. Guaranteed cash value, future monthly income, annual dividend (if any), special bonus (if any) and terminal dividend (if any) will be adjusted or recalculated.

Important notes:
- The information contained in this document is intended as a general summary of information for reference only. For details, please refer to relevant product brochure and client incentive leaflet. Please refer to the policy provision for details of full terms and conditions.

- For further details, please contact FTLife's Customer Service Hotline on 2866 8898.

- This document is for distribution in Hong Kong only. It is not an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance product outside Hong Kong. FTLife does not offer or sell any insurance product in any jurisdictions outside Hong Kong, in which such offering or sale of the insurance product is illegal under the laws of such jurisdictions.

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