"Fujian Brand Haisixing" series activities will enter the Philippines

"Fujian Brand Haisixing" series activities will enter the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Fujian Brand Haisixing" series (Philippines Station) will be held at the SMX Exhibition Hall in Manila, Philippines October 10-12, 2019. The event is based on the 2019 Philippine International Fashion Textile Exhibition and the Philippine Sports Industry and Sports Fashion Exhibition, hosted by the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce.

The exhibition of "Fujian Brand Haisixing" series (Philippines Station) is divided into two parts: Fujian Brand Pavilion and Enterprise Commodity Exhibition Zone. The Fujian Brand Pavilion will display the image of Fujian through exhibition boards, pictures, publicity and promotion materials, and rolling promotional videos to promote Fujian's good business environment and focus on Fujian's advantageous brand products and reform and opening up results. In the enterprise merchandise exhibition area, with the design concept of "Fujian brand silk road sailing", more than 40 enterprises from Fujian are participating in the exhibition, focusing on the display of clothing, shoes, bags, textile fabrics, sporting goods and other brand products. At that time, Filipino and international buyers will arrive to negotiate and purchase.

At 11:00 am on October 11th, the "Fujian Brand Haisixing" (Philippines Station) trade and economic match will be held in the multi-function hall on the second floor of the SMX Exhibition Hall. The site will broadcast the Fujian Haisixing promotional film to promote the investment and business environment of Fujian Province, Fujian brand enterprises and enterprise products.

The Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce said that it hopes to further strengthen the economic and trade exchanges and regional cooperation between Fujian and the Philippines through the "Fujian Brand Haisixing" series of activities, mainly to show the image of their province in the Philippines market and promote the brand products of the province to open up the Philippine market, as well as drive the majority of market players to expand exchanges and exchanges with the Philippines and its neighboring countries, expand two-way trade, and promote two-way investment.

Fujian is the core area of the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road". In recent years, economic and trade exchanges and regional cooperation with countries and regions along Haisi have deepened. As a key activity hosted by the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, the "Fujian Brand Haisixing" activity has become the main focus of the province's economic and trade cooperation with the "Haisi" countries.

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