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Futu 9th Anniversary: Singapore IT engineer shares how he grows with moomoo

Futu 9th Anniversary: Singapore IT engineer shares how he grows with moomoo

SINGAPORE, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Futu Holdings Limited, a leading digital fintech company, celebrates its 9th anniversary on October 29.

From 2012 to 2021, Futu extended its business globally, with over 16 million users from more than 200 countries and regions. In 2021, Futu officially enters the Singapore market, providing Singapore investors through moomoo with premium investment services that are fully online and streamlined.

As of the end of the second quarter this year, Futu onboarded over 100,000 paying clients with its user base soaring to over 220,000 in Singapore. moomoo is now a well-recognized tech-driven brokerage platform for local investors.

Celebrating the 9th anniversary of Futu, users from around the world actively share their "Futu Stories".

Brian Ong is from Singapore and is one of the first users of moomoo when it launched in the city-state. Brian's nickname on moomoo is @Brianjh.

Singapore IT engineer shares how he grows with moomoo
Singapore IT engineer shares how he grows with moomoo

A year ago, Brian was at rock bottom as he was unemployed, but a year later, he is gaining success in both the workplace and in the stock market. Not only has he become a product engineer at a well-known technology company in Singapore, but he has also learned how to invest and manage his wealth starting from scratch. He regained his self-confidence on his investment journey and has found a new lease on life.

Brian told us his story on how moomoo has helped him on his journey in investment and trading, and how it has increased his motivation for self-improvement.

From unemployed to employed, Brian regained his self-confidence

Brian lost his job a year ago due to the pandemic and other reasons. He had lost his heading in life during this time and was living aimlessly. Having spent all of his savings, he had no choice but to rely on his parents.

Fortunately, Brian's parents were not harsh on him, but encouraged him to look for new employment opportunities instead. Brian felt shameful in the face of his aging parents and realized that he could not continue like this. He therefore started thinking about how he could get out of this difficult situation.

To improve his financial situation, he decided to try his hand at investing. However, starting as a newbie, he didn't even know which type of investment and trading software was suitable for him. As he painstakingly searched through investment information online, an app with an orange "Wall Street Bull" logo caught his eye.

moomoo had just launched in Singapore at that time, but quickly become well known amongst Singaporean investment circles. With a "let's try and see" attitude, Brian downloaded the app, registered and began his journey as an investor.

What he likes about moomoo the most is the abundance of investment tutorials on the platform, cateringto investors with different levels of experience ranging from beginners to advanced. He uses moomoo every day to learn about basic investment and trading knowledge, the stock market, trading strategies, long-term investments, and other financial knowledge, etc.

Besides using moomoo, Brian also watches a lot of YouTube videos on investment and trading every day. These have all greatly improved his overall understanding of stock markets and money markets, and his knowledge of investing has improved by leaps and bounds.

He then slowly began to formulate his own investment strategies. Before investing, he would conduct in-depth research and analysis on companies he is interested in, and use moomoo to learn about related news and industry trends, and then analyze the trends to decide whether there are potential investment opportunities.

At the same time, he also uses YouTube, Google, and other channels to find more information to come up with an overall understanding and then evaluates and selects 1 to 5 companies to invest small amounts at regular intervals. Brian believes this reduces risk and "usually results in good returns."

moomoo has been Brian's guide in the world of investing

As a total beginner investor, not even in his wildest dreams did Brian think that he could do well with investing in such a short time. He credits this success to the investment software he uses every day, moomoo.

You can say that moomoo is the first software that led him down this journey of investment. Brian says that the moomoo operating interface is very user-friendly and that investors on moomoo can view quotes for individual stocks and related market news more efficiently and conveniently.

Brian likes to look at the fundamentals of a company. The variety of reports, information, and news available on moomoo satisfies his analysis and research needs. This helps him discover high-growth technology companies with sound fundamentals.

Of course, the most attractive aspect of moomoo is that "it has a great community, which is suitable for people to discuss stock information and share their investment insights or any other finance-related topics they may be interested in. If you have any questions about a particular function or stock, you can find the answer on moomoo. It is like a pool of knowledge that everyone benefits from, and everyone actively gives feedback, helps and encourages one another."

Brian also loves the various activities and rewards on the moomoo platform. Several months ago, Brian exchanged the points he earned from participating in activities for a limited edition "lion dance bull", which he places on his office desk so he can see it every day.

He says that he will continue participating in activities and earning points. "I want to get a money box next, which I plan to give to my father as a gift. He is almost 70, and he loves lucky charms. This money box has the Chinese character for "fortune" on it, so I'm sure he will love it."

Investing becomes an alternative lifestyle

Besides doing well in investing, Brian has also been offered a job at a well-known technology company in Singapore thanks to his hard work. Now he has a stable job.

Today, Brian works hard at doing his job and also in investing, and is very confident about his future.

He frankly admits that investing has brought something new into his life. "Investing means that my wealth can grow. I have learnt many new things, and made a lot of like-minded friends through the investing process."

Brian plans to slowly expand his investment portfolio and is considering investing in other financial products besides stocks. He believes that as his own analytical and decision-making abilities continue to improve, he will be able to make even better investment choices in the future. "I hope to yield 40%-50% in the future."

This year is Futu's 9th anniversary and Brian says: "I hope that moomoo will hold more online activities or seminars in the future and gather even more people together. This will allow us to share our own investment experiences and insights in real time. Of course, if possible, I would love to meet friends in the community in person."

Disclaimer: Securities are offered through Futu SG, licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  All investing involves risk.  Neither Futu SG nor moomoo endorses any particular investing strategy.  You should carefully consider your investment goals and objectives when deciding what investment strategy to follow.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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