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Futu's 9th Anniversary: Connecting Every Hong Kong Client

Futu's 9th Anniversary: Connecting Every Hong Kong Client

HONG KONG, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Futu Holdings Limited ("Futu" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: FUTU), a leading tech-driven online brokerage and wealth management platform, welcomes a milestone today as Futu will celebrate its 9th Anniversary.

Having rooted in Hong Kong, Futu delivers disruptive financial services and leverages technologies to drive innovation in the past 9 years. Now Futu is marching forward with its 15.5 million users around the globe. And Futubull is now a well-recognized tech-driven brokerage platform for all investors.

Celebrating the 9th anniversary of Futu, many Hong Kong users actively share their "Futu Stories", showing us how Futu connected with them in one way or another.

Futu Connects Every Hong Kong Client
Futu Connects Every Hong Kong Client

University lecturer Benson: Building investment system with Futu

Benson, a university lecturer whose field of research is economics and ESG (Environment, Society and Governance), is undoubtedly quite acquainted with the field of finance. Though starting investing as early as graduation, he confessed that he was never a shrewd investor: selling his stocks at small gains and not knowing when to stop loss in the face of market decline. What's worse, the commissions charged by his broker then was quite high, adding up to an even bigger loss.

But as a quick learner, Benson soon applied his academic and financial expertise to investing and gradually formed his own investment philosophy. He also admitted that he was not good at short-term trading. Instead, he focuses on long-term investments. "In short-term trading, I am supposed to stop loss as soon as a speculation fails. But in long-term investing, even if I suffer a loss for a limited period of time, I am still confident that there will be a rebound."

As he started to build his own investment system, he encountered his investing pal, Futubull. In his view, Futubull's interface is user-friendly, helping him to track market trends and conduct analyses easily. What's more, features like News, Quotes, and Community on Futubull are useful tools for him, too. "Futubull offers a one-stop solution to all investors. It also provides financial analytics, which are very useful."

Benson said that he would like to travel around the world and develop his own business in the future. Becoming financially free is his ultimate pursuit, a goal that he will make continuous efforts to realize. "I've grown with Futu in the past several years, and I'm happy to see that both of us have made continued progress along the journey," said Benson finally.

Happy wife Kimberly: Futu witnessed every big moment of my life—falling in love, buying a house, getting married, and having a baby

Kimberly is a mother-to-be. Her investment journey with Futu has generated a great deal of success for her and her future baby. Futubull also serves as a catalyst for her love. Kimberly first knew Futu through her husband and then-boyfriend. Back then they were learning investment skills and managing their finances together on Futubull. As they were making progress in investing, so were they in their relationship. The couple discovered more common interests and values, which eventually prompted them to tie the knot. They are expecting their first baby this year.

"Futubull Community is similar to Facebook, providing a platform where you can update your daily routines, share feelings, and download pictures or videos. For beginners, it can be overwhelming to invest on your own. With the Community, you can express yourself anytime, anywhere. When the market looks gloomy, users would complain about it; when the market is up, users would complain again and regret that they didn't buy enough! It's a lot of fun. I enjoy looking through the posts after work."

In addition to her ever-growing investment knowledge, Futubull also nurtures Kimberly's love life. Futu serves as a strong bond connecting her and her partner. With Futubull in the couple's life, they share more things in common and often discuss with each other about the market trend. They grow with each other by sharing their investment experience. Every day, they would participate in interesting events on Futubull to gain task points, which can be later used to redeem adorable gifts at the Rewards Club.

Futubull witnessed their relationship warm up day by day. This year, they got married! We are pleased to find that their home is decorated with many Futubull mascots! What's more, they are expecting a baby whose animal year is the year of the ox! "I am confident that Futu will become a leading asset management company, and look forward to Futu's growth as my baby grows. Investing is a critical lesson in life, especially for children. If children understand how to invest at an early age, they will know how to spend money wisely when they grow up."

New mom Tina: investing a fixed amount monthly to plan for her baby

Tina just gave birth to a baby. "My baby's zodiac is ox, making it a good pair with Futubull," she joked. She made her first foray into the stock market only a year ago, but successfully transformed herself from a green hand who followed the herd to a discreet and rational investor with her own investment logic. "For a start, I did what other immature investors had done: bought at the top and sold at the bottom, held only those hot stocks and dreamed about turning rich overnight. I didn't think much or do any review, because all I wanted was to make quick money," said Tina.

Yet the market trend changed dramatically in February, 2021, when the performances of growth stocks and value stocks switched, causing her portfolio to lose value. In retrospect, she confessed that "it felt like falling from heaven to hell with my face down. The excruciating loss made me deeply reflect on my operations." Learning from that hard lesson, Tina made up her mind to study investment from the basics. Tina joined several training camps offered by Money Plus, which taught her knowledge about wealth distribution, money-making tactics on the capital market and asset allocation plans for female investors.

"Futubull has taught me a lot. It gives me an opportunity to learn from investment masters and helps me grow. It's more than a stock-trading app. I can feel Futubull takes an effort to guide investors, telling them about proper investment attitude and providing comprehensive investment knowledge and science-based approaches for them. It's dedicated to thriving with its clients," said Tina. Based on her knowledge base, Tina now is constructing her own financial pyramid, which comprises of stocks, funds, investment and consumption.

After giving birth, Tina turns into a stay-at-home mom. "I now do financial planning while taking care of my beloved ones because good financial management matters a lot to a thriving family. As I have a penchant for managing finances, I also set up a financial management plan for my baby." Tina contributes a fixed amount to 3 funds on Futubull for her baby every month, hoping to save him a fortune when he grows up.

Looking into the future, Futu will continue to accompany every Hong Kong client on their investment journey and stay true to its founding vision of "making investing easier and not alone".

Disclaimer: The above content represents the personal sharing and opinions of the guest, and does not constitute any recommendation, purchase, sale or holding of the above-mentioned stocks or investment strategies by Futu. All investment involves risk. Prices of investment products may go up as well as down. Please understand the product risks and seek for professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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