FXCPD Looks to Asia, Holds First Asian Conference in Bangkok

BANGKOK, Sept 13, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - FXCPD Management held its first Asian conference on 1st September 2019 at the Novotel Bangkok, Thailand. The honorable guests list includes Founder of FXCPD, Mr. Gerald Robinson, Managing Director of FXCPD, Mr. Mike Lam and Marketing Director of FXCPD (Greater China Region), Mr. Joel. The conference was to celebrate the launch of its FX Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund (FERS) in Asia.

FXCPD Management (FXCPD) has been monitoring the fast growing Asia Pacific's financial market for a number of years and has officially made its move into the market recently. FXCPD was founded in the UK in 2013 and specializes in computerized forex trading and structured financial products, as well as providing information and professional consulting services to professional advisors/investors in the foreign exchange market. Its expertise in the field of foreign exchange investment coupled with its excellent service attitude attracted the attention of many industry's peers and customers which gradually eases its path to expand into the fund management industry. FXCPD now uses its innovative option structure and foreign exchange big data intelligent trading strategy to provide fund management services for private banks and high net worth clients.

FXCPD's FX Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund (FERS) was officially launched in July 2019 with a seed funding of US$10 million. The fund uses a low-leverage trading tool for foreign exchange options to make a variety of low-risk hedge carrying trades. Profits from these trades will be reinvested by applying a foreign exchange basket (foreign exchange index) trading strategy to further enhance the fund's return. This innovative trading strategy can provide customers with long-term stable low-risk returns. FXCPD hopes to establish its own brand in the Asia-Pacific financial region through its strong technical capabilities, advanced business philosophy and huge data resources!

FXCPD's founder, Mr. Gerald Robinson was the first guest speaker at the Bangkok Conference. After addressing the crowd, Mr. Robinson was proud to announce that since the launch of FERS on 29 July 2019, the fund has achieved a return of more than 15%. Incredibly, this was achieved in a period of less than a month's time. However, he reaffirmed that though this is a good start, all FXCPD's personnel will continue to work hard to achieve continued results for all its customers!

Managing Director, Mr. Mike Lam then mentioned about the three stages of FXCPD's continued development during his speech. The first stage is for FXCPD to stabilize and prove itself in the Asia region as it continues to develop its customer base in the next three years. The second stage will involve expanding its market and customer base from Asia to the entire Asia Pacific region. The third stage revolves around the development of the enterprise, realizing values through the power of financial capitalism in the future global economic driven environment. Mr. Lam also mentioned that FXCPD's unchanging philosophy will be the key to driving the entire project.

Marketing Director (Greater China Region), Mr. Joel was next to take the stage. He explained about the risk control strategies carried out to protect the fund as well as the two major trading strategies adopted by FXCPD in managing it. The first trading strategy looks to protect principal and achieve small consistent winnings while the second trading strategy looks to build on the winnings and enhance returns dramatically. The Fund's philosophy is to first protect principal and reduce risk, then with its winnings, pursue growth and enhance returns!

The highlight of the conference was undeniably the real-time demonstrations of FXCPD's trading strategies. Real-time transactions using FXCPD's trading strategies was performed on the big screen through foreign exchange brokerage, IG Bank. The demonstrations reaffirmed FXCPD's trading prowess as well as providing the guests in attendance a transparent and fair judgment of the fund's potential.

Guests in attendance were invited to dinner by FXCPD after the conference. Wonderful music accompanied by dance performances brought a relaxing night to all the guests and the grand conference successfully concluded amidst the alluring atmosphere. As the saying goes "a good start is half the battle won", FXCPD looks to build on its recent success and become an important player in the business of financial fund management in the Asia region for years to come.

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