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FY Ads Singapore: Transforming Dian Xiao Er into a Must-Visit for Chinese Tourists

FY Ads Singapore: Transforming Dian Xiao Er into a Must-Visit for Chinese Tourists

SINGAPORE, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- FY Ads Singapore proudly unveils the outstanding success of its Xiaohongshu marketing campaign for Dian Xiao Er, a beloved dining destination in Singapore. The return of Chinese tourists to Singapore saw a notable surge during China's recent five-day May Day holiday 2024, with tour operators reporting a significant 20% increase in arrivals. Leveraging our expertise in Xiaohongshu marketing, we strategically enhanced Dian Xiao Er's appeal among Chinese tourists, solidifying its status as an essential destination.

Campaign Objective

Dian Xiao Er, celebrated for its unique dining experiences and signature dishes, sought to expand its reach and attract Chinese tourists visiting Singapore. The primary goal was to utilize Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) to boost the restaurant's visibility and draw new customers from China.

Our Solution

FY Ads Singapore implemented a comprehensive Xiaohongshu marketing strategy to achieve Dian Xiao Er's objectives. Our approach included:

  • Business Account Setup and Verification
    • We facilitated the registration and verification of Dian Xiao Er's official account on Xiaohongshu, ensuring compliance with platform requirements and enhancing credibility.
  • Quality Video & Static Content Creation
    • Our creative team produced high-quality video and static content that showcased Dian Xiao Er's unique dining experiences and signature dishes. This engaging content was designed to attract both local Chinese residents and tourists.
  • Boosting Ads to Target Both China & Singapore Regions
    • We launched targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential customers in both China and Singapore. This dual-region approach maximized Dian Xiao Er's visibility among Chinese tourists planning their trips and local Chinese residents seeking dining recommendations.
  • Influencer Marketing
    • Leveraging our extensive network of Xiaohongshu influencers, we coordinated impactful influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers shared their authentic dining experiences at Dian Xiao Er, generating buzz and attracting followers.
  • Community Management: Replying to Inquiries and Interacting with Users
    • Our team managed community interactions on Xiaohongshu, promptly responding to inquiries and engaging with potential customers. This proactive approach enhanced the overall customer experience and encouraged more visits.

The Results

  • Consistent KPI Achievement
    • FY Ads consistently met the KPIs set by Dian Xiao Er every month, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategy and execution.
  • Must-Visit Restaurant for Tourists
    • Dian Xiao Er has become a highly recommended restaurant for tourists visiting Singapore, evidenced by numerous positive reviews and increased foot traffic.
  • Attraction of New Customers
    • The campaign successfully attracted new customers, including both local Chinese residents and tourists, significantly boosting patronage and brand visibility.


FY Ads Singapore's tailored Xiaohongshu marketing strategy effectively transformed Dian Xiao Er into a must-visit dining destination for Chinese tourists in Singapore. Our comprehensive approach, from account setup and content creation to targeted ads and influencer marketing, delivered outstanding results and positioned Dian Xiao Er prominently on Xiaohongshu.

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About FY Ads Singapore

FY Ads Singapore ( is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in Xiaohongshu marketing. FY Ads is the first overseas official partner of xiaohongshu App. With a deep understanding of the Chinese market and extensive experience in social media marketing, we help brands achieve their business goals and drive growth through innovative strategies.

About Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er is a popular dining destination in Singapore, known for its traditional Chinese cuisine and signature dishes. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Dian Xiao Er offers an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Singapore.

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