Gaabor, ranked TOP3 bestselling small kitchen appliances in Southeast Asia on the Shopee platform

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the challenges of the downturn in global economy and the epidemic, Gaabor's home appliance brand is growing robustly in the Southeast Asian market in light of the holiday shopping season at the end of this year. In the just past Double 12 Super Shopping Festival, the sales of Gaabor products made a hit once again, which is even better than that of the Double 11 Super Shopping Festival. Gaabor was gloriously ranked TOP3 bestselling small kitchen appliances in the Southeast Asian region of the small kitchen appliance category on the Shopee platform and Top 4 bestselling small kitchen appliances in the Philippines.

Gaabor, growing robustly in the Southeast Asian market.
Gaabor, growing robustly in the Southeast Asian market.

Consolidating · Dominant position

As for the outstanding performance of the Gaabor brand this time, in the eyes of Branden, Head of Gaabor's Asia-Pacific region, although full of surprises, it is also up to his expectation. Since its debut in the Southeast Asian market in September this year, Gaabor has been developing the e-commerce market, continuously exploring the joint promotional mode online and offline, actively optimizing the core product structure, and steadily enhancing the trust of consumers, which has paved the long-lasting and solid foundation for the rapid development of the Gaabor brand in the Southeast Asian market.  

Branden said: "By participating in this promotion activity, Gaabor once again proved that the brand is efficient and complete in product quality, after-sales service and online marketing, and further consolidating the brand's dominant position in the home appliance industry in Southeast Asia."

Enjoying · healthy breathing

It is worth noting that in this Double 12 Promotion Activity, the Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner cut a good figure, which was leading in sales. Designed with Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and hot air circulation guide system, Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner is fully enclosed for dust vacuuming and filtering, effectively avoiding secondary air pollution during household cleaning. By virtue of the Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and heat circulation air guide system developed by the German engineer and technical team, various categories of Gaabor's products are blessed with all-round advantages. Gaabor actively launches high-quality products including smart kitchen cooking series, smart personal care series and smart home cleaning series in the Southeast Asian market. Its rich product line provides people with effective all-round household health protection, allowing people to breathe freely at home. 

Gaabor, enjoying healthy breathing at home.
Gaabor, enjoying healthy breathing at home.

Moreover, the Gaabor brand is proactively practicing the core concept and brand values of "Share delicacy dass love", providing users with the after-sales services of replacing instead of repairing the Gaabor products with quality issues within one year from the purchase date, so that users can buy Gaabor products with confidence and use them at ease.

Every success plays the driving role in the future development of Gaabor. In the future, Gaabor will continue to provide consumers with a better home life experience by offering high-quality home appliances, leading after-sales service and affordable prices.

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