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Gaining Confidence and Authority by Coaches for Online Business Growth

My Design Tomorrow presents the free online Masterclass for coaches on 'How to gain Authority in 90 days', helping them build the right strategies and processes to gain visibility and grow.

An online free Masterclass on “How to Become an Authority Coach in 90 Days” will be presented by My Design Tomorrow SRL this upcoming Thursday at 3pm CET.

Participants will discover how to build powerful presentations to increase sales, how to position themselves as experts in their field, and how to build efficient and authentic processes to generate more leads and grow their businesses. As a bonus for successfully completing this masterclass, the participants will also receive free gifts on: (i) 7 proven ways to gain authority, (ii) what coaches need to know about marketing their services, (iii) 3 simple steps to build their own show, and (iv) must-know marketing tips. In addition, the participants will also be able to receive access to the online training Empowering Mindset, as well as the 5 days Challenge to Gain Authority and Impact Millions.

Diana Popa will lead this masterclass, which is a chance for people to hear from an industry leader about how to grow our businesses and develop authority. Participants can ask questions, implement strategies, and gain clarity on the spot during this Masterclass.

How can one gain authority and grow a coaching business

1. Having a big mission and unique offer:

The biggest challenge coaches face today is their inability to gain visibility. The fact that a Coach needs to be present on social media and participate in podcasts, summits, magazines, media and events in order to become visible has become common knowledge, and yet not many apply it. It doesn’t come for free, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. If we lack a network, if we lack partners who can help us reach thousands of people, how can we build the credibility we need? The answer is simple: Build your own stage first. Look into your past, what makes you unique and how can you use your story to build your offers.

2. Building deeper relationships with the clients:

Developing a deeper relationship with clients is another aspect that many coaches don’t apply nowadays. It is crucial to build the coaching processes in a way that helps coaches keep personal contact with their potential clients. It is true that all the marketing techniques can help if implemented correctly, but the question remains as to why they would buy from one coach and not another. In short: they trust the coach and are attracted to what he/she has to offer because of who they are, because of their values, and their personality.

3. Building processes that allow coaches to stay aligned with their true nature:

A common mistake coaches make that causes them to close their businesses in the first years is they become overwhelmed by all the administrative tasks, and they go into burnout. What steps can coaches take to eliminate this pattern? Clarifying their values, the tasks they are passionate about, and how to construct their processes around their strengths and true nature.

Coaches interested in discovering how to gain clarity over all of the above and implement the corresponding strategies can register for the free Masterclass at:

About My Design Tomorrow

My Design Tomorrow was founded in 2020 and serves the coaching industry by helping coaches build strategies and processes and gain visibility so they can impact millions of people. My Design Tomorrow is also positioned on the market in a unique manner by helping coaches take the first steps to gain visibility through interviews, documentaries, and shows distributed on social media, as well as by helping them gain presence in magazines via the partnerships built over time.

Diana Popa, the founder of My Design Tomorrow has 10 years of professional experience in the corporate world and has reviewed hundreds of processes and procedures, and conducted hundreds of interviews as a supervisor and auditor with CEOs, Presidents, Management, and Executive Functions of Financial Institutions from serval countries around the world like Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland and more. This may sound incredible looking back. But it wasn’t always easy. Only 6 years ago Diana was extremely shy, lacking confidence, in a relationship where she was hurting every day, working endless hours to make a living, and not knowing how she could actually get out of her negative habits and her own judgment. This pain is exactly what pushed her out of her comfort zone, what helped her grow and develop. This is when she took the most important decision of her life, to start the journey of personal development, building as such her self-esteem, transforming her relationships, eliminating everything that was hurting her, improving her financial situation, traveling the world, and making choices that help her live in peace with who she is every day.

Her mission became to increase awareness about our ability to design our tomorrow and live extraordinary lives. Helping Coaches find the best strategies to get their message on the market and become an Authority, helps Diana fulfill this mission and reach millions of people, through her interviews, events, bootcamps, and retreats.

For all Coaches out there, Diana’s message is: “Allow your gifts to be seen by millions of people. Dare to dream big and stop playing small”.

Coaches interested in learning more about building their authority, can join the free Masterclass here:

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Organization: My Design Tomorrow SRL
Address: 37 Strada Zorilor, Târnăveni, Județul Mureș 545600, Romania

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