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Game On: One of Australia's largest toy retailers is winning big with 100% network connectivity

Game On: One of Australia's largest toy retailers is winning big with 100% network connectivity

SYDNEY, May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr Toys Toyworld, the leading toy and hobby specialist retailer in Queensland, was facing network outages due to poor copper and HFC network conditions, leading to lost sales and customer frustration at the checkout. Using the ActivePort solution, Iperium improved network stability and achieved 100% uptime across all of the Mr Toy Toyworld's retail stores.

Mr Toys Toyworld I.T Manager, Phillip Matthew: For years we were dealing with internet outages which affected our customers and sales across our store. A heavy reliance on internet connectivity for our POS system and payment gateways meant we needed to find a solution. The connectivity solution provided to us by Iperium and ActivePort ensures 100% uptime for our stores while providing a cost-effective solution that was easy to install and maintain with excellent visibility on what is happening across the network.

The Background

Due to increasing demand for Pay Later payment solutions, cashless payments and same day shipping, Mr Toys had an essential requirement for uninterrupted network connectivity. Adding to the frustration, the existing network devices across the network needed to be upgraded.

To combat these issues, Mr Toys Toyworld opted to move from a CAPEX to an OPEX approach and sought out a reliable yet inexpensive solution that would provide maximum uptime with visibility across their entire network of stores.

Telecommunications provider Iperium provided Mr Toys Toyworld with their hosted ActivePort SD-WAN combined with Iperium's NBN and 4G solution, resulting in seamless connectivity back to their Sydney Equinix Data Centre, ensuring 100% uptime to the last mile.

Iperium Chief Executive Officer, Nathan Brookfield: ActivePort's SD-WAN ensures the Mr Toys Toyworld network remains connected across all 25 of its stores, warehouses, and offices, all the time. Their internal IT team can resolve potential outages while the stores remain operational, thanks to the active failover. This proactive approach guarantees less escalations and improved overall customer satisfaction.

Following a competitive review process, ActivePort's unique SD-WAN-as-a-Service solution was found to be the most financially sustainable solution that simplified on-site hardware while providing high resiliency.

The Outcome

Since deployment, 100% uptime has been achieved in all of Mr Toys Toyworld's retail stores, eliminating customer frustration at checkout and preventing any further lost sales. On top of this, the x86 devices recommended by ActivePort were much cheaper than anticipated compared to costly upgrades of the existing equipment.

All in all, the solution from Iperium and ActivePort improved network stability and reliability for Mr Toys Toyworld retail stores, delivering higher productivity, zero downtime and increased revenue.


Iperium is a trusted Australian telecommunications provider since 2007. With over 2,000 active clients and a national network with points of presence in each state, they strive to be able to deliver the best connectivity options and deliver cost-effective infrastructure solutions, allowing customers to focus on growing their business.


ActivePort delivers software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, tailored to the global telecommunications and IT sectors. The product suite enables network automation, minimising operational costs while optimising customer control over their environment.


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