Gathering Talents and Creating a Dream for the Future - Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) Assists GVRC to Shape up "Industrial Ecosystem of Tomorrow"

Gathering Talents and Creating a Dream for the Future - Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) Assists GVRC to Shape up "Industrial Ecosystem of Tomorrow"

SHANGHAI, June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In the late June 2018, the Third Global Virtual Reality Conference 2018 ("the Third GVRC 2018") will be held in Pudong, Shanghai. Since its inception, GVRC has aimed high to be an industry originator. Through keynote speeches, roundtables, business negotiations, exhibitions, displays and other activities, GVRC is dedicated to bringing together governments, manufacturers, industries, research institutions, users, capital and other resources, to provide a platform for exchange and learning among guests from upstream and downstream companies of global industrial chains, industry associations and governmental authorities, affords investment, cooperation and sharing opportunities, and gives impetus to industrial revolution and upgrading. To this end, on an annual basis, GVRC Organizing Committee elaborately prepares for theme setting, organizational framework, guest invitation, visit registration and investment go-between. It is expected to share world-class views through innovative content and means, promote the industrialized implementation of advanced technologies and capitalization of excellent projects, and push forward the sustainable development of the industry.

The Third GVRC 2018 will be hosted by Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI). As the keynote speaker on the morning of June 27, President Liu Qing will not only impress top-notch professionals from various industries with JITRI practices and explorations in the reform and innovation of the science and technology systems and the expansion of the R&D industry for many years, but also discuss the solutions to promote industrial upgrading through technological innovation. At the same time, on the afternoon of June 27, President Liu Qing will also exchange views upon Creation Patterns of Tomorrow with experts and scholars in various fields from the perspective of talent, investment, management and research systems.

Dr. Liu Qing is President of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI). He was previously Vice President of Chongqing University. As an expert in the field of materials, his research outcomes provide important technical support for the preparation and processing of such materials as high-temperature superconducting materials, light alloy materials for automobiles, zirconium alloys for nuclear power, ultra-high-purity metal targets for semiconductors and super-high-strength steel wires. He has been awarded the "National Top Ten Science and Technology News" twice, Second Prize of "National Scientific and Technological Progress Award" twice and provincial-level and ministerial-level first prizes four times. He also won "National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars", "Cheung Kong Scholar", "National-level Outstanding Teacher", "Advanced Science and Technology Worker" and many other honorable titles. He has successively founded six high-tech companies, including Beijing Yingna Superconducting Technology Co., Ltd and Essen Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. He was also Director of Yantai Zhenghai Magnetic Material Co., Ltd. (ZHMAG) and many other companies.

Founded in December 2013, JITRI is positioned as a key link in the science-to-technology transformation. It aims to develop basic research into mature industrial technologies through system and institution innovations, facilitates scientific and technological achievements to translate into actual productivity, and provides technical support for industrial transformation and upgrading and the future industrial development.

Strategic Emerging Industries: JITRI has set up 39 professional institutes in five fields, i.e., New Materials, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, New-generation Information Technology and Software, and High-end Equipment Manufacturing. Currently, more than 6,000 R&D personnel of various types work in JITRI. With floor area of 800,000 square meters and equipment value of RMB2.6 billion, JITRI makes annual R&D expenditure of RMB2 billion. Under the philosophy of "R&D as an Industry and Technology as a Commodity", JITRI takes market-oriented means to establish the industrial technology supply system through independent R&D of core technologies, secondary development of imported technologies and supply of mature technologies.

Independent R&D of Core Technologies: JITRI builds professional research institutes under project management systems and mechanisms of asset-light companies held by the teams, to stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurial vigor of scientific researchers, independently gaining ground in original technology R&D, and helps the teams realize the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship. At present, JITRI not only transfers and commercializes about 1,000 technologies on average every year, but also incubates about 100 high-tech startups on average every year.

Introduction of Overseas Innovation Achievements and Secondary Development of Imported Technologies: JITRI explores a mode of international innovation resource clustering and diversified cooperation, establishes cooperation funds with 30 top universities and R&D institutions around the globe, supports R&D of original projects, sets up eight overseas platforms in the world's most innovative regions, introduces overseas original achievements for secondary development, and assists overseas talents to realize the dream of industrialization of original achievements.

Introduction of Overseas Top Companies and Acceleration of Supply of Mature Technologies: JITRI introduces a number of international R&D companies which specialize in technology R&D and commercialization and apply a business model of R&D outsourcing, technology licensing transfer and technology services. JITRI assists these companies to expand their presence in the Chinese market and provide technologies without delay.

In the future, JITRI will continuously offer a favorable climate for innovation and entrepreneurship, build an innovation ecosystem that is conducive to R&D and commercialization of industrial technologies, grow into a gathering place for major basic research achievements and a destination of industrial technology exports on a global scale, and emerge as new stage for talents to realize their R&D dreams, new driving force for enterprises to achieve innovation and development by leaps and bounds and new power engine for regional innovation to push forward the development.

The GVRC Organizing Committee will join hands with JITRI to launch reform and innovation and bring together talents all over the world. Both parties will jointly provide systems and mechanisms for technological innovation and achievement commercialization, jointly build platforms for the integration and synergy of technologies, enterprises, capitals and policies, jointly realize R&D industry dreams, and jointly shape up "Industrial Ecosystem of Tomorrow".

Guiding Authorities of the Third GVRC 2018 include Economy and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government, Economy and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai Pudong New Area, Jinqiao Bureau of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration and Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Administration Committee. Hosts and Organizers of the Third GVRC 2018 include Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd., China Europe International Business School, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, Shanghai Jinqiao (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xuanjing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Digital Content Industry Promotion Center.

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