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Gefen's new capability to increase customers share of wallet

Gefen's new capability to increase customers share of wallet

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Gefen (ASX: GFN) is introducing a new capability to the platform called "Managed by." The Managed by capability allows agents to retain their ownership over customers - but grant another agent or another department in the Arena access and acting rights on the customer.

Customers are agents' most valuable asset. The agents protect and nourish them. But agents are limited in their capacity to increase the share of wallet - the customer's coverage and variety of financial and insurance services managed by them. Each agent specializes and is sometimes licensed to sell and service a particular variety.

Agents can now collaborate on products and services, share commissions and outsource operations - while maintaining full control and visibility to what was done, when and by whom. With all calls, emails and other customer transactions kept on record in one place - the agent does not need to rely on "trust" and can maintain full ownership on their asset.

Furthermore - as the Managed by capability is tightly coupled with Gefen's GQL AI engine (Genetically Qualitative Learners - the platform's ability to harness expert intuition into digital decision making) - customers can go into a managed group in bulk (high potential, showed interest in a service, requires retention) based on complex business strategy and goals.

The Managed by capability is now available on all operations, on the web and mobile apps.

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