Genetron Healths' biochip reader GENETRON 3D had received the approval for launch to facilitate liquid biopsy of tumor

Genetron Healths' biochip reader GENETRON 3D had received the approval for launch to facilitate liquid biopsy of tumor

BEIJING, Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- At the end of 2017, Chongqing Food and Drug Administration of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) officially approved GENETRON 3D, the biochip reader of Genetron Health, to launch (Registration No. YXZZ 20172400136).

Currently, many domestic hospitals and scientific research institutions have purchased the reader for the development and scientific research of oncogene detection reagent.

GENETRON 3D, Biochip Reader of Genetron Health

Remarkable superiority of digital PCR technology platform

The GENETRON 3D biochip reader can clearly process and analyze data of special digital PCR chip which has completed the PCR amplified reaction, and without the limitation of matched kit.

Both human EGFR gene T790M mutation test kit under application and registration and similar detection kit under development by Genetron Health can be used together with this reader. The reader can be applied in medical institutions, clinical laboratories and scientific research institutions, etc. to further effectively improve the detection scope, quality and speed.

Superiority of GENETRON 3D

Wide application

Except for the detection of matched tumor liquid biopsy ctDNA, it can also be used for the analysis of viral load, detection of low content pathogene, prenatal screening and diagnosis, analysis of gene expression, verification of the 2nd generation of sequencing result and analysis of methylation level.

Flexible flux

1-24 chips / PCR reaction not subject to the specification of consumable items enables power-on at any time for detection.

Easy analysis

Without manual analysis needing complex operations, it can direct read the detection result.

High sensitivity

The digital PCR technology is one of the most sensible mutation detection methods, and its sensitivity can reach 0.1%.

Absolute quantification

With high accuracy and high sensitivity, it can analyze nucleic acid copy number and rare mutation detection.

New power for liquid biopsy of tumor

As is known to all, the liquid biopsy is regarded as the dramatic breakthrough in the cancer diagnosis field. In 2015, MIT awarded this technology as one of annual top 10 breakthroughs; in 2017, the Summer Davos "World Economic Forum" awarded it as No. 1 of annual global top 10 emerging technologies. Along with cell sorting, high-throughput sequencing, single-cell sequencing, digital PCR, microfluidics and other technologies gradually develop and become mature; the digital PCR technology shows its huge potential in scientific research and application of tumor.

Based on the biochip reader, Genetron Health develops detection solutions against various cancers and sample types, in order to expand its application ranges. Especially in the liquid biopsy field, the detection against over 50 gene loci of lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, stomach cancer and other cancers have been developed.

Gene loci and relevant cancer types detectable by the biochip reader

The launch approval is helpful for Genetron Health to enhance development and innovation for tumor liquid biopsy, and provide support for the healthy development of the oncogene detection industry.

Genetron Health gives full play to the powerful strength of digital PCR technology, focuses on development and application of world leading liquid biopsy, continuously reforms and progresses, leads breakthrough innovations of oncogene detection industry with practical actions, and powerfully promotes the rapid development of precision medicine in China.

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