Genie Networks Makes the List for The 28 Best Network Performance Monitoring Tools of 2018

Genie Networks Makes the List for The 28 Best Network Performance Monitoring Tools of 2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- An article recently released by Solutions Review on Network Monitoring announced the 28 best Network Monitoring Vendors and their respective network performance monitoring tools. Genie-Networks is honored to be the only selected vendor from the Asia-Pacific region, ranking among some of the top network solution providers around the world.

As the amount of digital threats increases and diversifies, the issues of network monitoring and security have become the major concerns for internet service providers and enterprise IT teams. According to a market survey conducted by IHS in 2016, network downtime can cost up to $300,000, and this number could easily be higher today. Implementing a consistent network monitoring and security solution has then become critical for most enterprises and has led their IT teams to search for better solutions and protection methods against new and potential threats.

To help these organizations select the right solution for their network monitoring needs, Solutions Review has announced an all new 2018 Network Monitoring Buyer's Guide that details the top 28 network solution providers with market-proven success and in-depth experiences in network monitoring and security.


About Solutions Review

Solutions Review is a collection of technology news sites that report on the latest developments in enterprise technology and make it easier for people to know what options are available when considering a new solution. Over the past four years, Solutions Review has launched twelve tech Buyer's Guide sites in categories ranging from Cybersecurity to Wireless 802.11ac, as well as Mobility Management and Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Cloud Platforms.

About Genie Networks

Genie Networks Ltd. is a leading solution provider in network and security solutions for optimizing performance and lowering operation costs of large-scale networks. The GenieATM product lines transform network machine-generated data into actionable intelligence for network operators to better plan, manage and engineer their networks. GenieATM is also capable of identifying anomalous traffic and guard against security threats such as DDoS attacks and worms.

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