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GenKOre Announces Strategic Collaboration with Revvity to Develop Innovative Gene Therapy Treatments

GenKOre Announces Strategic Collaboration with Revvity to Develop Innovative Gene Therapy Treatments

SEOUL, South Korea, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- GenKOre, a pioneer in gene editing technology with its proprietary hypercompact CRISPR, known as TaRGET, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Revvity's Gene Delivery franchise (formerly known as SIRION Biotech GmbH), a specialist in viral vector-based gene delivery for gene and cell therapy. This research collaboration aims to develop effective gene therapy treatments for ocular disorders, specifically targeting Leber Congenital Amaurosis 10 (LCA10) and Usher Syndrome Type 2A (USH2A).

Innovative Approach to Ocular Gene-Editing Therapy

GenKOre will leverage its proprietary TaRGET platform (tiny nuclease, augment RNA-based genome editing technology) to create in vivo gene therapies for LCA10 and USH2A. Unlike the widely known CRISPR-Cas9, the TaRGET platform allows the entire editing module to be delivered using a single adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector, offering a more efficient and streamlined approach to gene-editing therapy.

Objectives of the Collaboration:

  1. Development of Superior Gene Therapies: Combining GenKOre's TaRGET technology with Revvity's advanced AAV capsids to develop in vivo gene-editing therapy with enhanced efficacy and safety profiles.
  2. Expanding Therapeutic Applications: Validating the applicability of the TaRGET platform for in vivo therapy and extending its utility to a broader spectrum of rare diseases.
  3. Advancing Gene Editing Technology: Leveraging the combined expertise of both companies to address unmet medical needs and pioneer new frontiers in genomic medicine.

Leadership Comments

"This collaboration adds to our expanding toolbox of TaRGET technologies in the important, emerging area of gene therapeutics," said Yong-Sam Kim, Founder and Co-CEO of GenKOre. "Leveraging our expertise in gene editing technology and Revvity's capabilities in AAV vector development will allow us to better address unmet medical needs and open new frontiers for drug discovery in genomic medicine."

"At Revvity, we seek to challenge the status quo to help transform the future of human health. Gene therapies have the potential to be curative and AAVs are enabling this as a versatile technology to efficiently deliver genes to target cells. We're excited to provide our AAV vector development technology and expertise to support GenKOre's research in developing new gene therapies for ocular diseases," said Bryan Kipp, SVP, Licensing and Technology, Revvity.

If the strategic research collaboration is successful, GenKOre has the opportunity to expand the agreement to a full development and commercialization license.

About GenKOre

GenKOre has been devoted to developing powerful gene-editing technology optimized for in vivo gene editing and recently signed a collaboration and license agreement with a US-based biotech company in a deal valued at approximately $550 million. The TaRGET platform includes TaRGET-cleavage, TaRGET-base editing, TaRGET-gene regulation, and TaRGET-gene correction system, all deliverable by an all-in-one AAV vector. This technology is noted for its compactness, high efficiency, persistency, specificity, and expandability. GenKOre is focused on developing gene editing therapies for ocular, muscular, and neurological diseases. The TaRGET (CRISPR-Cas12f) technology features hypercompact Cas nucleases (1.7kb compared to Cas9's 4.1kb) and powerful engineered gRNAs, which, in complex, ensures highly efficient and safe editing.   

Revvity Gene Delivery

Revvity Gene Delivery is a business unit of Revvity, a global leader in life sciences and diagnostics focused on developing novel solutions for the world's greatest health challenges.

About Revvity

At Revvity, "impossible" is inspiration, and "can't be done" is a call to action. Revvity provides health science solutions, technologies, expertise and services that deliver complete workflows from discovery to development, and diagnosis to cure. Revvity is revolutionizing what's possible in healthcare, with specialized focus areas in translational multi-omics technologies, biomarker identification, imaging, prediction, screening, detection and diagnosis, informatics and more.

With 2023 revenue of more than $2.7 billion and over 11,000 employees, Revvity serves customers across pharmaceutical and biotech, diagnostic labs, academia and governments. It is part of the S&P 500 index and has customers in more than 190 countries.


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