genOway and Merck Strengthen CRISPR/Cas9 Strategic Alliance by Extending Their Partnership to All Animal Cell Models

genOway and Merck Strengthen CRISPR/Cas9 Strategic Alliance by Extending Their Partnership to All Animal Cell Models

genOway acquires additional rights to develop all animal cell models using the CRISPR/Cas9 system

LYON, France, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- genOway, a public company and leader in developing genetically modified research models, today announced an important milestone in extending its strategic alliance with Merck, a leading science and technology company and leader in genome editing.

In December 2018, genOway acquired from Merck exclusive worldwide rights on its foundational CRISPR/Cas9 portfolio in the rodent field (all applications involving rodent cells or animals). Today, the two companies have further strengthened their collaboration by entering into an additional license providing genOway with non-exclusive rights to commercialize the development and use of all other animal cell models for its customers' internal research uses as well as commercial exploitation.

"We are delighted to extend our relationship with Merck. The Merck IP is growing and broadening. Merck is now recognized as a leading provider of foundational CRISPR IP. This additional license will enable genOway to serve our customers better, by offering them broad and versatile solutions and the necessary intellectual property rights to help accelerate their research," says Alexandre Fraichard, founder and Chief Operating Officer of genOway.

Both Merck and genOway have identified research fields where they can combine their respective technologies and expertise to develop and validate new CRISPR/Cas9-related products and solutions. Merck's patented CRISPR integration technology is a strong entry point through which innovation can be developed and launched. 

About genOway

genOway (Euronext Growth®: ALGEN; ISIN: FR0004053510) is a biotechnology society that operates in 28 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, and more than 260 research institutes and 80 biopharmaceutical companies. genOway's development is based on a broad and exclusive technology platform, as well as on strong intellectual property rights, combining patents and licensing agreements. The company has signed many commercial contracts with the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry (BMS, Janssen, Novartis, Pfizer, etc.), and with the most prestigious academic research centers, including the King's College and the University of Manchester in England; Harvard, Caltech and the National Institutes of Health in the United States; the Pasteur Institute in France; the German National Genome Research Network and the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

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