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GIGABYTE Announces AI Strategy for Consumer Products to Map the Future of AI

GIGABYTE Announces AI Strategy for Consumer Products to Map the Future of AI

TAIPEI, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- GIGABYTE, a leader in cloud computing and AI server markets, announced a new strategic framework for AI outlining a blueprint for the company's direction in the AI-driven future of the consumer PC market. The framework features three fundamental pillars: offering a comprehensive AI operating platform, implementing AI-based product design, and engaging in the AI ecosystem with the goal of introducing consumers to a new AI-driven experience.

Providing a comprehensive AI operating platform to meet all-end computing applications

GIGABYTE's AI operating platform caters to all-end computing applications, spanning from the cloud to the edge. In the cloud, GIGABYTE's AI servers deliver robust computing power for demanding AI workloads, encompassing generative AI services and machine learning applications like ChatGPT. At the edge, GIGABYTE's consumer products, such as  high-performance graphics cards and gaming laptops, furnish users with instant and reliable AI computing power for a diverse array of applications, ranging from real-time video processing to AI-driven gaming. In scenarios involving AI collaboration systems like Microsoft Copilot, GIGABYTE offers a power-saving, secure, and user-friendly AI operating platform explicitly engineered for the next-generation AI processors like NPUs.

Enhancing product performance with AI-based product design

GIGABYTE is dedicated to harnessing AI to optimize product design. By simulating various usage scenarios and employing AI to identify the most effective design parameters, GIGABYTE can develop products that cater more precisely to the diverse needs of its customers.

Leveraging decades of experience in designing motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, and monitors, GIGABYTE can discern users' diverse requirements more accurately through AI machine learning. Consequently, GIGABYTE leverages this insight to anticipate changes in user behavior patterns resulting from AI tool usage, using it as a foundation for continually fine-tuning product settings. For example, the BIOS tuning of motherboards, overclocking tweakers of graphics cards, power management of laptops, and even the image performance of gaming monitors will all benefit from AI-driven enhancements, leading to the optimal performance that best suits users' demands.

Building a seamless AI experience by engaging in AI ecosystem

GIGABYTE collaborates closely with industry leaders such as Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD to build a vibrant AI ecosystem that maximizes the benefits of their AI technologies across all spheres. GIGABYTE spearheads the launch of Azure AI laptops in partnership with Microsoft and extends this collaboration to hybrid AI application functions, like Microsoft Copilot, integrating related AI services and technologies into existing platforms for a truly immersive AI experience.

Amidst the booming AI software market, GIGABYTE also partners with various generative AI software developers, ensuring compatibility of their products with GIGABYTE hardware while emphasizing user-friendly interfaces and experiences (UI/UX), enabling users to leverage generative AI with ease. Additionally, GIGABYTE's current software services receive upgrades through AI integration, significantly bolstering AI performance and enhancing the overall user experience and system integration.

GIGABYTE's AI Strategic Framework represents a significant milestone in the company's commitment to AI, signaling the imminent launch of a range of new AI-centric PC consumer products. These products will cover all lines, across motherboards, graphics cards, laptops and gaming monitors, aiming to create a seamless AI experience for consumers and enable them to effortlessly enjoy the convenience in the AI era.

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