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Give Gift Boutique and Fruitually Have Taken Measures To Cater To Changes In Fruit Demand

Give Gift Boutique and Fruitually Have Taken Measures To Cater To Changes In Fruit Demand

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 July 2021 - The hot summer is a time when fruits are selling rapidly. Many citizens said that under the epidemic, everyone is concerned about the health of themselves and those around them, so they will buy delicious fruits for themselves and for the people they care for. The CEO of Give Gift Boutique and the CEO of Fruitually  said that tremendous changes have taken place in the consumption behavior of fruit this year. Thus, they are taking measures to meet the changes in customer needs, such as providing online shopping service, reducing packaging costs, and improving the quality of logistics services, to meet the demand for a quality life.


"Quality First" Has Become A Trend

These years, there's a trend of buying high-priced fruits in Hong Kong. The sale of imported fruits is soared, and the fruits of medium and high prices are especially popular with young people. Although imported fruits are nutritious, they are expensive, and their exquisite packaging contributes a large part of the price. Thus, Fruitually imports superior-quality fruits from the globe and use the concise package to reduce prices as much as possible. In addition, they import high-quality and low-cost fruits for customers to choose from. The measures seem rebel, but the CEO of Fruitually said that he believes these measures will be welcomed by customers, "According to our sales data, in addition to the famous imported fruit, the sales of high-quality fruits with a better price is soaring which shows consumers still value the quality of fruits the most".

Online Fruit Shopping Has Become The Norm

Many consumers are worried that the fruit will become rotten or late arrival for online fruit shopping , so they usually buy on their trusted online shop. The CEO of Fruitually said that frequent customers cover at least half of their customers. To retain frequent customers and attract new customers, they provide online channels, such as the online shop of Fruitually, WhatsApp group, network broadcast, and other quick purchasing channels, and order special couriers to deliver fruits within the next day. What's more, they had promised if there are some rotten fruits, they will exchange them with the fine ones. He wishes these measures could deepen the trust.

Adding Superior-Quality Imported Fruits To Fruit Hampers

The epidemic has generated a "healthy style" for gifting. The demand for fruit hampers has increased slightly than before, especially since some companies have ordered quite many exquisite fruit hampers with superior quality imported fruits to their clients. On the other hand, the demand for fruit gift baskets has become more personalized. For example, people prefer hampers with imported fruits and practical gifts like baby products, festive gifts, and decorations at a reasonable price.

Give Gift Boutique knows that consumers like practical gifts most, therefore Give Gift Boutique plans to add more kinds of superior quality imported fruit and high-scoring practical gifts of the globe to enrich the categories and make their effort to keep exquisite packaging as well as a reasonable price.

About Fruitually And Give Gift Boutique

"Fruitually " is a local online fruit company. The company team has more than ten years of experience in fruit procurement. It takes the highest quality fruit, the most reasonable price, and the most convenient delivery service as its principles. In addition to the store, it also provides online fruit ordering and door-to door delivery services.


Give Gift Boutique is the leading online flower shop in Hong Kong. It is managed by senior florist designers in the Netherlands and Toronto. It operates in the boutique workshop model and serves corporate and individual customers throughout the year. Since its opening in 2008, it has been committed to providing customers with high-quality flower bouquets, mid autumn gifts , birthday gifts , etc.

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