Give Life Foundation Seeks Support of the United States for Sustainable Peace of Marawi

WASHINGTON, May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Give Life Foundation announces it has joined Women's Institute for Social Entrepreneurship (WISE), based in Manila, Philippines, and its grassroots movement, Mothers for Peace, in Mindanao, to work for US support in building sustainable peace in Marawi, which was devastated by ISIS and regional Islamist terrorists.

Marawi, located on Mindanao, was liberated by Philippine government security forces in October 2017, with US military forces assistance, after a five-month siege that left over one million persons displaced and vast sections of Marawi in ruins.

"We greatly appreciate our partnership with Give Life Foundation in launching Marawi Peace Building Initiative, a community-based strategy for rebuilding Marawi," said Natalie Lim Miranda, President of WISE. "We will work to ensure sustainability in form and spirit as well as physical reconstruction. Our programs reduce marginalization and social alienation with education, entrepreneurship and community outreach," said Maria Lourdes Arcenas, Chairperson Emeritus of WISE.

"Give Life Foundation, Washington, DC based nonprofit, will seek major funding from the US Government and other sources to support reconstruction of Marawi," said Bart S. Fisher, Chairman, Give Life Foundation.  "Our first step is developing a blueprint to rebuild Marawi with University of the Philippines under the leadership of President Danilo Concepcion, in close collaboration with Lanao Sur local government headed by Governor Soraya Alonto Adlong, and Mindanao Development Authority led by Chairman Abul Khayir Alonto.  A particular focus will be affordable housing in a new township outside of the Marawi City proper, the main battleground area, that we will work on with private sector partner Omni Housing," he said.


Women Institute for Social Entrepreneurship (WISE) Philippines Inc. creates economic opportunities for women through education, mentoring, networking. This empowerment organization was established based on the vision and accomplishments of Mindanao Commission on Women, Mothers for Peace movement, and Women's Peace Table.

The Give Life Foundation is a 501c3 charitable foundation supporting national and international programs contributing to health and wellness. Programs involve event appearances by movie and television stars, professional athletes, and comedians as part of grassroots public education and fundraising. 

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