GJS Announces the Launch of The World's First FPS Battle Robot; Leverages Visual Recognition Technology

A splendid battle robot which offers the best immersive experiences is available at $109 only

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- GEIO, the world's first FPS battle robot is landing on Kickstarter on November 8, 2017. The GEIO features auto-tracking and a variety of gameplay modes, making it the best battle robot at the consumer price range. This innovative product is developed by GJS, which raised ten of millions in the Series A round of funding led by Tencent earlier this month.



GEIO's design concept is to create an amazing battle bot which is versatile and easy to control. To experience the tantalizing taste of what FPS can do for robot gaming, players simply need to connect their smart devices with GEIO; a dynamic and immersive battle will follow. Featuring FPS and visual recognition, GEIO offers mighty battling abilities, plus four classical gameplay modes, including the all-time favourite "Royal Duel", "Attack and Escort", "Scavenger Hunt" and "Speed Race".

GEIO Key Features

In addition to featuring an array of interesting game modes, GEIO has applied the AI technology which is most commonly used in automated vehicle. In the presence of AI, GEIO is capable of auto-targeting and tracking the enemy, allows players to shoot the target within 1 second. In order to enhance the excitement and power up GEIO, the GJS team has created a wide range of totems for GEIO to perform auto scanning with its built-in camera.

All The Premium Features of GEIO:

  • Control it to shoot target with first person view on your smartphone.
  • Auto-identify enemies, auto-tracking for target.
  • Its uniquely designed omnidirectional wheels can turn 360° and move very fast.
  • Various A.I. emotions to interact with the player.
  • Various gameplay modes: combat, attack and escort, win flag and racetrack.

GEIO is now available for preorder on Kickstarter at a super early-bird deal of $109 (limited-time offer). To purchase GEIO, the First Person Shooter Robot, please visit http://kck.st/2zodvTk.

Looking for an exclusive glimpse into the heroic demeanor of GEIO on the battlefield? Check out GEIO launch video here: https://youtu.be/NZsgeOZoy-c

The media kit for GEIO can be accessed here http://bit.ly/2yPM5pZ.


GJS's revolutionary battle robot Ganker was born in 2016, and immediately set off a robot boom, raising USD 126.435 and drawing 100,000 followers on Facebook Fan page. Our mission is to create innovative and groundbreaking gaming experience for robot enthusiasts around the world. This year, we are going a step further with the appearance of GEIO, a new member of robot team, a sophisticated robot that designed to combat or fight along with Ganker.


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