Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine Launches its Native Android & iOS Apps

SINGAPORE, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine, a world-renowned financial magazine, has launched mobile apps that make the magazine's valuable content accessible to the public at no cost.

The magazine covers global topics on business, finance, banking, technology, trading, insurance, investing, and leadership. The magazine has evolved from the growing need to have a more balanced view of informative and independent news within the financial community. 

The experienced contributors of the magazines provide in-depth information that grants valuable insights into the latest happenings in the relevant fields. Leading players and key figures of the industry can gain this critical information from within the finance sector for free via the newly launched apps. Launching these apps is a part of Global Banking & Finance Review's consistent efforts to make quality financial information accessible, palatable, and easily available to the public.

The Financial magazine provides ground-breaking coverage across various topics from across the world. The magazine is divided into Asian, African, American & European sections, offering articles, news, and analysis written by experts within various industries. Information like this, although extremely important and valuable, is not easy to access even in the Age of the Internet. That is the gap GBAF is seeking to address with its new apps.

With these apps, Global Banking & Finance Review has made it easier for the common man to access information that can radically change the way they manage their financial lives. To make the experience even better, the apps carry no ads. Of late, people have started going to great lengths to avoid being bombarded with ads while making use of free content. The Global Banking and Finance Review apps offer an ad-free experience while giving access to all the issues of the Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine. Smartphone users can now view all these magazines and use them to form better financial decisions.

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For Android – Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine
For iOS – Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine