A Global First: XCMG Unveils Hybrid Truck Crane XCT_25EV at All-New C-Series Crane Product Line Launch

A Global First: XCMG Unveils Hybrid Truck Crane XCT_25EV at All-New C-Series Crane Product Line Launch

XUZHOU, China, Dec. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- XCMG has released the world's first hybrid power truck crane XCT25_EV along with the all-new C-series crane ("C-series") product line. The XCT25_EV has a 16-seconds, 0-40kms/h acceleration that takes only half the time compared to conventional fuel cranes. The model fully charges in an hour and half and has an endurance mileage of 800 kilometers and noise level in the cabin during operation is a soft 60 decibels.

The product was developed over the course of five years, followed by a year of testing and optimization. As the first hybrid truck crane in the industry, the XCT25_EV has taken the lead in breaking energy technological barriers in the global crane sector and excels in functionality, fuel consumption and intelligence, setting a new benchmark in the international market.

The XCT25_EV has a 60 percent gradeability, 85km/h driving speed, 12-speed automatic gearbox and a maximum output power of 290kw to guarantee robust power. It can operate on battery power independently for four hours consecutively and can operate while it's being charged, and the fuel drive option is available when there's no power source at construction sites.

In addition to the XCT25_EV, XCMG has also released the all-new C-series of cranes that have reached the top level across the industry in terms of lifting performance, dynamic performance, intelligence level and maneuverability:

XCA260C: a 260-ton five-axel all-terrain crane with the most robust functionality in the industry, this highly efficient model is equipped with an 82-meter main boom with maximum hoisting height of 81 meters and maximum hoisting weight of 11.4 tons.

XCA130L8C: sets the record of having the longest main boom among 100-tonnage all-terrain cranes across the industry, and has a maximum gradeability of 60 percent and a hoisting weight reaching 5.6 tons with a fully extended 85-meter boom.

XCA230C: with a 7-section main boom of 75 meters in length, this model can transfer while carrying 80 tons of parts and accessories, is equipped with a 550-HP engine and has a maximum gradeability of 67 percent.

XCA180L8C: its 8-section main boom fully extends to 80 meters, with a 36-meter fixed boom and a maximum gradeability of 65 percent.

XCA130L7C: has a 7-section main boom of 78 meters, an auxiliary boom of 34.5 meters, balancing weight reaching 56 tons and a maximum gradeability of 60 percent.

The C-series cranes are also equipped with five steering shafts, each of which is driven by two hydro cylinders. XCMG has innovated the high-response pressure compensation proportional control technology and multi-spindle coordinated steering closed-loop control system to solve the problems of fast steering wheel response and coordinated control.

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