Global internet company SHAREit maintains growth as the preferred content sharing platform in India

NEW DELHI, Sept. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The internet has been a life changer for a vast number of people in India, creating a better world for them from political, economic and cultural perspectives, while the biggest barrier in the life changing process remains the efficiency of acquiring knowledge. After years of efforts, SHAREit has dramatically accelerated the rate at which information can be acquired, benefiting hundreds of millions of internet users across India.  

As one of the fast-growing apps in India, SHAREit has provided an extreme content sharing experience to over 300 million internet users across the country over the past five years, becoming the preferred platform for content sharing and information acquisition among internet users in major Indian cities. 

In the first years of this century, the skyrocketing growth of the internet broke the barrier of geography, allowing internet users worldwide to communicate freely in the virtual world. Nevertheless, many economically underdeveloped countries around the world have failed to build a strong network infrastructure that can support the free sharing of large amounts of content.   

SHAREit deployed the most recent advances in technology to create a groundbreaking solution that pushes well beyond the limit of internet speed. The solution enables a smartphone to handle the rapid transmission of all files, allowing for content sharing and knowledge transfer anywhere and everywhere.

Currently, SHAREit provides an extreme sharing experience not only in India but also across more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, including in North and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Notably, SHAREit holds the number one spot on the tools app chart of both Google Play and the App store in more than 100 countries worldwide.  

SHAREit has won a large number of customers from around the world for its strong capabilities, with Google having become its closest partner. SHAREit appeared on Google Play's homepage over 700 times in addition to participating in a variety of major events staged by Google in India and China.  

Few are the companies that can boast a user base exceeding 1 billion users worldwide, an achievement that global internet giants, including Google and Facebook, took nearly ten years to accomplish while it only took a few years for SHAREit to make that happen.

SHAREit's social attributes began to emerge following the firm passing the one-billion-users-worldwide milestone.

Group sharing functionalities are now highlighted on the app's homepage. A connection over an extended period of time can be maintained among the members of one group or among different groups after content sharing groups are established, allowing rapid and stable sharing of content among fixed groups, including friends, family members and classmates.

SHAREit has entered a new area with the launch of the Share Zone. In Share Zone, you can share resources with your friends. Add videos, music, apps to Share Zone, and you can check each other's Share Zone updates. Meanwhile you can also check resource updates of friends in real time and like friends' resources and get resources when connected.

SHAREit gained more than 1 billion users worldwide in just five years and has become the model of a successful rising startup in the global internet community. SHAREit's success, in turn, proves that India is capable of creating an internet giant.