Global Smart Commodity Group Announces First Successful Trades

Global Smart Commodity Group Announces First Successful TradesGlobeNewswireJanuary 12, 2021

CHICAGO, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Global Smart Commodity Group (GSCG) announced the successful initial transactions in hemp oil using the revolutionary GSCG platform. Incorporating the use of block chain technology creating a smart contract process, GSCG has found a much-needed solution incorporating a central price discovery mechanism with cutting edge technology and supply chain management.

"The GSCG Platform has made buying hemp materials easy, safe, and streamlined,” said Kameron Norwood, COO of Half Day CBD. Norwood continued, “They vet the sellers, obtain all COA's, cut all bad actors out of the mix, and you get the quality product you're looking for every time. Onboarding is quick and easy and the GSCG team is wonderful to work with."

When asked about the sellers’ experience on the GSCG platform, Scott Strong from Root Bioscience replied, "Root Bioscience was ecstatic to be a part of the first live transaction on the Global Smart Commodity Group's trading platform. We believe this type of forum will allow for the free market sale of hemp products at prices consumers understand.” He added, “The type of specific regulations and quality control processes GSCG has put in place gives us peace of mind as a seller or buyer that we can trust the integrity of the products available on this marketplace."

Rob Alberghine, CEO of GSCG said, "We are excited to have Half Day CBD as one of our partners. Half Day has garnered a stellar reputation for consistently producing quality products in line with GSCG's standards. The successful proof of concept and initial transactions confirm our firm belief that GSCG has created a groundbreaking platform and cutting-edge processes which will disrupt the cash commodities markets.”

About Global Smart Commodity Group:

Global Smart Commodity Group brings a new Exchange trading experience for the commodities of the 21st Century. Our focus on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices brings GSCG to the forefront of ESG commodities trading today and for the future. GSCG's proprietary trading platform is built on blockchain technology, and will propel commodities trading to the next level by providing increased transparency at every stage of the supply chain. And with this single source of truth and built-in central price discovery mechanisms, GSCG will help resolve existing price and supply chain inefficiencies for underserved commodities markets around the world.

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