GMIC Hanvon Unveils Multiple AI Pattern Recognition Technologies

BEIJING, April 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- 2018 GMIC Beijing will be held at National Convention Center from Apr 26th to 28th. This is a great event for Hi-tech companies. Hanvon will display the multiple AI recognition.

Recognition is the first barrier to break down to realize the AI implementation and make machines to resolve problems as human being. Once the images are transferred into the computer signal, it will be easy for machine to recognition all of the pictures. Therefore, pattern recognition is the basis of AI technology.

Hanvon is a high-tech enterprise with the core technology for pattern recognition. It provides a series of recognition technologies for human-machine interaction. At this exhibition, Hanvon will display the technologies such as handwriting recognition, text and form recognition.

Handwriting recognition, which is the core technology of Hanvon to start its business, has occupied more than 90% of the market share in the smart phones, and now which has widely applied to the Intelligent vehicles projects. Due to the factors of size and position of car screen, the input speed of pinyin will be greatly reduced, especially in the case of mixed input of Chinese, English and numbers. It is extremely troublesome to keep switching. Hanvon handwriting input method support more than 70 languages, also support short sentence recognition, overlap character recognition, slant character recognition, Chinese + English + Number mixed input, etc. It is extremely convenient and consistent to use Hanvon handwriting in smart cars industry.

Now, numerous paper data need to be converted into electronic documents to facilitate the preservation and subsequent processing. Hanvon Digital, Xinrong and Docimax Technology, three subsidiaries of Hanvon Technology, are in the leading positions in digital publishing, digital libraries, digital archives, financial form recognition, medical and judicial business archives data processing and deep utilization among the same industry in the country.

Regardless of ancient books, normal books, invoices and other financial or medical documents, for efficiency job purpose, these huge forms, images and words will be converted into electronic data information with Hanvon OCR Technology.

Hanvon Handwriting Chinese Character Recognition and OCR won the first and second prize of National Science and Technology, these patterns recognitions technologies have laid a solid foundation for the development of AI technology. Hanvon will become the most shining star at the exhibition.