Go to Hokkaido with NOW live and taste one of Japan's most iconic cuisines

SAPPORO, Japan, May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- From April 27 to 29, the TV show Tencent NOW live came to Hokkaido for the last stop of its "Fresh Spring" campaign. The theme of the first episode is "A Taste of Hokkaido in Spring", where the campaign's two beautiful hosts recorded the beautiful scenery and distinctive cuisine of Hokkaido for live streaming by NOW live users. To date the event has been streamed by viewers 785,000 times.

Campaign poster
Campaign poster

Experiencing life in the pastures of Hokkaido

In this live streaming segment of NOW live, Mu Zi and Qian Cheng showed viewers panoramas of fields in the rolling countryside, dotted by multi-hued cottages amid leisurely grazing cattle. The two hosts also experienced a day in the life of Hokkaido's farmers by milking cows themselves, feeding rabbits and goats, and tasting homemade cheese.

As Takamoto Fukuda, Counselor of the Information & Culture Center of the Embassy of Japan in China, said at the launch meeting for the campaign, people nowadays pay more attention to the content of travel. They hope to not only enjoy a meal, but also understand how the food for that meal was prepared. Through the live streaming of NOW live, I hope more Chinese friends will travel to Hokkaido.

Campaign interface for NOW live
Campaign interface for NOW live

NOW live taps all the senses to feel the world

In the past, foreign cultures were discovered through obscure books, guides and television, yet those one-way messages were often dull and lacking in spontaneity. As NOW live endeavors to explore the world via the live streaming of the "Fresh Spring" campaign, the hosts and audience engaged in a genuine exchange of meaningful information, exploring the boundaries of the world in a new way and broadening the horizons of young audiences.

Zhang Shuai, marketing brand director of Tencent's Social Network Group said, "With new content, new ways of engaging, and new forms of social interaction, NOW live hopes, by way of the campaign, to become a new method through which young people can discover the world."

The journey of NOW live's "Fresh Spring" campaign has now come to an end. The theme for the next episode will be "Visiting with the People who Know the Most about Fish along Otaru's Old Street".

Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20180428/2118368-1-a
Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20180428/2118368-1-b